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Sunday morning porch time

Huge thunder clap woke us all up in the middle of the night – was a big topic of conversation among brat pack today.

Power been out all morning – I have progressed from my lap top which was running out of juice to my snoopy coloring book drinking iced coffee and and listening to music on the patio. Here is s funny tidbit that not to many people know… I was once told by a friend while we were out clubbing that I reminded him of Peppermint Patty. I had a good laugh at that – I was a huge peanuts fan as a kid and much like Peppermint Patty I did not really care for the way they taught us at school.

Paul is alternating between reading and grumbling because the power out has been out so long and how he needs to get to work now so he can relax later. I say why wait relax now and be more effective later. Chances are you will be more effective and get things done easier after chilling out and refreshing your energy. Sometimes when so much is happening and you are feeling pulled in all directions  the universe steps in and slows things down for you on purpose – the trick is to realize it and go with the flow.

My portable shuffle speaker just died so I pulled out the solar/crank radio. I just love Belize radio in listening to Love fm right now. For the most part commercials are either lively songs or humorous dialogues and it is making us giggle.

Right now on Oapan Paki a woman names Myrtle is talking about her studies of Common Wealth Countries and how their processes are much the same. She went on to talking about how it is important to share information with each other over reinventing the wheel and learning what works well for other countries and applying it within your own..

Myrtle also had a great philosophy on retirement and says it is about deciding to retire younger so you are able bodied enough to be involved in your community. She also said now that she is retired she can do what she wants when she wants and where she wants – from the sounds of things Myrtle is doing all that and then some – she was very interesting.

Dick and Carole came by for a quick swim. We all decided to go to the store before the rain storm hit – another rainy season is upon us. I needed go get a few things as Mitch is cooking Cindy’s ribs and she needed vinegar and brown sugar – I figured we could use some extra veggies and snacks for later. Paul at Catamaran with Jeff and Cindy. Good news – looks like Jeff decided to take Puli.

Banan Leaf

Rainy afternoon

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