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Lobsterfest Volunteers Wanted


The San Pedro Branch is super excited for the opportunity to host our first Belize Red Cross Youth Agents for Change (Y-AC) Street Beat Training and Activity and we need your help to make it happen.

The San Pedro Branch needs 12 volunteers to receive health education training and participate in a core activity the next day at the annual Lobsterfest block party. For all volunteers, food will be taken care of and if necessary travel expenses. If you can help us or  know anyone that might be interested,  please send a group email right away to Shirlee Arnould shirlee.spbrc@gmail.com and Laurie Norton tacogirlbelize@gmail.com

The fun begins coming Friday June 20th as volunteers get trained in HIV/AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health education. The following afternoon (and early evening) they will go out in groups and provide the information to the public at the big celebration in town.

Friday: June 20th Training will be held from 9:00am – 4:00pm at El Divino Restaurant, Banana Beach Resort. Meals provided for volunteers during training include Light breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.

Saturday June 21st: Volunteers will get hands on experience by doing a core activity and interacting with the crowd handing out HIV/Aids brochures. Volunteers will get a per diem to purchase a meal at Lobsterfest and for transportation if needed.

Street Beat is a Belize Red Cross initiative and is open to all branches. This activity is being funded for 2 years by the Norwegian Red Cross.  Ms. Tina Gill from the Belize Red Cross recently came out to help the San Pedro Branch prepare for the activity and assist in making a budget. Visit John Hopkins University Survey and Street Beat Training to learn more about street beat objectives and other San Pedro Red Cross activities.

annual lobster festiva block partyl san pedro

Volunteers will get to enjoy the San Pedro Lobsterfest annual block party

big block party at lobsterfest san pedro belize

Look for San Pedro Red Cross table at the big block party

belize red cross

Mike Memeo doing street beat core activity at the annual Love FM Christmas parade


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