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Lobster King and Queen Pageant Info 2010

Still plugging away on lobsterfest stuff. Working on entry form for Lobster king and queen this morning. Heading to the pool soon with Lara – Alaina and Dawn. I am so not in the mood to exercise today but I know I need to go anyways. Back later I am sure.

I needed a night off so I am watching project runway season 4 on cast tv and flipping laundry so it dries faster. So much to do before Sunday that even a night off is not really a night off.

San Pedro Lobsterfest

Lobster King and Queen Pageant 2010

If you or someone you know has a magnetic stage presence – a good talent and the ability to pull together a fun funky costume – why not try out for the honor of being be crowned Lobster King or Queen.

All contestants must come up with a unique idea of how you think a Lobster King or Queen would look. No holds bar on costume making – you can use any form of help you need.

We know how talented San Pedro is so in addition to a fabulous costume you will have to do a short 1 – 2 min performance on stage for the judges [and possibly tv]

Song – dance – wow us – make us laugh – read aloud – play a tune – your choice.

There will be a nice prizes for the winners.

Entry fee $10 all monies will be split between the Lobster King and Queen’s charities of choice.

San Pedro Belize beach

San Pedro Belize beach

San Pedro Belize

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  1. Ruthie says:

    I remember very well the day that a group of guys, including Chunky, drug that driftwood out of the water and up to the beach at Coral Bay Villas where it rests today. The very large (and heavy) piece showed up was a few years ago after a major storm. It’s a favorite spot for pix.

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