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Back to work

2:36pm Finally back on the net and getting caught up. Will start off back tracking to yesterday… We all enjoyed our walk on the beach afterward Cindy invited us all back for a swim. We were only going to make it a quick one as we both had work to do but when we made a quick pit stop at home we discovered the power was out so that put a whole different spin on our day.

After our swim we all got cleaned up and regrouped to head north and have an early dinner at Lazy Croc then did a quick pass by Legends to find out that the 2 boys who were to compete in a King Kong challenge had both backed out. We had a quick visit with Jason and headed back home to watch a bit of the Crocodile capture near Los Caminantes.

4pm finally I can relax a few min – today has been one long meeting that was actually two. Funny how things were planed one way and in the end both meetings changed times and one changed location as well. It really does pay to be flexible living here and get yourself in sync with the island.

Cocktail Competition info coming later tonight.

I feel like I just won the left over lottery – we had enough left over for dinner tonight. Something I forgot to mention one key point about Lazy Croc ribs – they were so tender I was able to eat them with one hand – meat just fell off the bone.

Saw some new Grenada footage on the weather Channel tonight. Looks like Joey is having a good time there. Soon it will be us saying wow look at what they shot around the island – can’t wait.

San Pedro Lobsterfest

1st Annual – Flavor of San Pedro Cocktail Competition

June 19th Central Park – Celebrity Judges including Joey Stevens from One Caribbean Weather. Entry Deadline Wednesday June 16th.

Flavor of San Pedro cocktail competition is open to all 0ver age of 21. If you do not have a booth entry fee is $100. Drink Recipe’s must include 2 sentences presented in any format to the judges about why your drink represents the Flavor of San Pedro.

All ingredients are supplied by you – so pack your cooler bag strategically.

The night of the competition drinks will be made on site in front of 5 Celebrity Judges. You will be preforming in a group of 5 – 10 bartenders at one long bar

Any method may be used to prepare the cocktail, shake, mix, or blend. Time limit 7 minutes. Remember presentation counts and the better your show the more chance you have to go for the gold and land yourself on the One Caribbean film footage.

Cocktail Contest Scoring

Presentation – 5 points
In this case Looks count – consider overall presentation in regards your chosen San Pedro theme -garnishes and glassware.

Taste – 5 points
Taste is everything – make something yummy that will leave our Celebrity Judges wanting more.

Originality and Showmanship – 5 points
Be different – if you can dazzle our judges you will score well in this category. Show us your best moves.

Sign ins will be going on at Seaduced with Miss Kim and by Renita from Changes in Latitudes.

Today’s pictures were taken while I was waiting for Paul who was at the BTL office.

Downtown San Pedro

Downtown San Pedro

Downtown San Pedro

Downtown San Pedro

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