Beach near Caribbean Villas

Beach walk Lazy Croc

Chatting with my cousin on the coconut phone this morning before she went to work. Today’s discussion is laundry lines and which kind we like best – she was picking one out for her soon to be new home in Texas. My current vote is for the free standing portable ones are great in case it rains you can just move them inside.

Message from the Alta Mar neighborhood watch about their upcoming meeting tomorrow.

Alta Mar Neighborhood watch groupAlta Mar Neighborhood Watch starts at the southern wall of The Mansions, runs south to Escalante Subdivision and west to The Pink Motel/Hideaway Bar.

Special lectures on Security and Community Safety and Hurricane Preparedness

Meeting on the 7th of June at 7:30pm at the Taqueria under the Palapa (Next to Timmy’s and opposite Royal Palms)

Families are welcome. Come along and bring a neighbor. Bring a chair too! There is strength in numbers. The more we work together the safer and happier our neighborhood will be. For more information call 226 4366

Here are pics from our beach walk and trip to Lazy Croc. Will write more in tomorrow’s post – between power out and computer issues I think the universe is doing it’s best to give me a day off. [had to use tacoboys lap top to get this up]

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  1. Ruthie says:

    Thanks TG, I know that beach walk well and enjoyed revisiting it this morning. And the BBQ looks devine!

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