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Deep conversations

Last night at Pedro’s birthday was a night of deep conversations for me. Last thing I expected to happen especially after last years party where the main conversations I remember were with Maureen and Tracy about how we all needed another drink – laughing at big fake diamond rings that Maureen brought for lobsterfest and telling Pedro I was getting drunk for his birthday. A present which I paid dearly for till about 7pm the next day.

I would take bets there are a lot of derailed feeling people this morning – I lost count of how many times the bell was rung. Of course Jager was the birthday drink of choice and it was flowing in vast quantities. Forrest and I had a good laugh – I am one of the lucky few who has gained immunity and he has worked out a deal to take the hit with a rum shot instead.

This year I played it smart and stuck with yummy shrimp on rice – Gunther’s delicious chocolate cake and water. Way to much going on before lobsterfest to take myself out of the game. Right now my frame of mind is holding a slow steady pace even though it feels chaotic. I almost feel like I am watching a slow motion scene in a move because it feels so far away and yet time is passing so fast.

2010 San Pedro Lobsterfest will top the chart. We have so much cool stuff happening this year since we are extending the party for filming and starting at 11am. Yesterdays news from – the whole town was jazzed about Joey and Bob the Parrot’s arrival – from Quick silver Diane our handy custom mail delivery – messenger service and phone rental.

Internet is slow as potatoes this morning. I decided to add a gallery instead of loading pictures separately which is usually a lot faster – not today. Been at it since 7am – and it is now 12:30 was only trying to upload 18 pictures. If I was not in a slow patient mood or had somewhere pressing I be I would be cursing up a storm.

The rest of my day involves cleaning and couch surfing.

UGH – tacoboy was going to the store this aft and he realized that both our bikes were stolen – now we are back to being on foot. Someone had busted our lock and made off with them. Not to everyone take a picture of your bike for safe keeping.

6 thoughts on “Deep conversations

  1. tacogirl says:

    Sure Emily. We use chain locks. I also had part of a bike stolen in Canada too I think it is one thing that gets targeted world wide lol.

  2. Emily (@EmilySNC) says:

    Thanks Laurie! We are planning on bringing beach cruisers. I do have a nice mountain bike, but I agree – it would be hard to keep up there. And we’ll bring a very nice lock!

  3. tacogirl says:

    Hi Emily They were locked at our house. Paul had recently lost his lock so we were both using same one. It was a combo type lock where you rotate the numbers to get the right ones. Those are not super study and rust must have got the better of ours as when we found lock it was split at the the side so looks like whoever took the bikes hit it or something and it broke. Beach cruiser bikes are good for here. While I do know people who have brought mountain bikes here consider the upkeep as there are more parts.

  4. Emily (@EmilySNC) says:

    Laurie, I know this is an older post but just wondering about the circumstances around your bikes being stolen. Were they locked? When we move to Belize we want to bring bikes and a good lock, but are just wondering how this happened to you – sorry to hear it and hope you were able to find replacements!

  5. cindy says:

    Who are all those people? Was I there? I don’t remember any of that! Why do my feet ache so much? What a great night – thanks to everyone for coming.

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