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Living in Belize

Igniting a Cultural Renaissance and Avoiding Temptation


Anyone who has ever been to San Pedro knows how easy it is to get tempted by food and drinks here. Since I have a couple of special events coming up where I plan to indulge a bit, I am doing my best to eat well and give my body a rest with super healthy food and drinks.

As a result, yesterday was all about avoiding temptation from the get-go, starting at breakfast. I totally wanted to chow down on bacon and eggs but instead I opted for a yummy pineapple and banana fruit smoothie while I enjoyed the view with Shirlee and Frank.

belize beaches

Morning meeting view

My first errand brought me to another strong temptation that ranks right up there with fried eggs and bacon – fine chocolate. I managed to get away from the treats counter with a quick glance at the artistic chocolate lobsters and fish while I was paying for my favorite chocolate mint body spray. It smells so good, and is my secret way to substitute sweet treats when I am eating low sugar.

toledo belize

Heavenly chocolate mint body spray made in Toledo Belize

It was not long before the heavenly scent of fresh pork tacos filled the air as I reached the lagoon side of the island. I immediately crossed the road and sidetracked myself with taking a couple pictures of the Dia De San Pedro fair ground instead of caving in.

The scent of pork tacos was intoxicating as I walked past the taco shack

The scent of pork tacos was intoxicating as I walked past the taco shack

dia de san pedro 2014

Setting up for Dia De San Pedro

downtow san pedro

Soon the island kids will be flying in circles

As I walked away from the fairground, I was pleased to see a covered display of cool looking black and white pictures in the old football field with a large National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) Igniting a Cultural Renaissance sign at the front.

NICH is all about celebrating Belize’s interesting cultural heritage and the exhibit on the Caribbean Producers Cooperative Society by coordinator Mito Paz. The pictures were a very interesting step back in time to the first fishermen’s cooperative – was founded San Pedro to help protect the fishermen from being taken advantage of.

The Co-op was formed in 1960 and a second one 3 years later, both shared the mission to help the local fisherman profit from the sale of lobster. The co-op purchased lobsters from the fisherman, and then shipped it to Belize City for processing and exporting.

The show also had some really cool shots of downtown San Pedro, as you will see below showing the Central Park area, when it was still residential and not commercialized.

fisherman's co-op san pedro

National Institute of Culture and History Igniting a Cultural Renaissance

belize history

A great exhibit of San Pedro History

belize fisherman's cooperative

Display of San Pedro Back in the 50’s and 60’s as it relates to the islands fishing industry

fishermen's cooperative belize

History of the first fisherman’s cooperative

belize fishermen's cooperativ

Tulu on the left is missed by many in San Pedro but Placencia got lucky

fisherman's co-op san pedro belize

The Catalina used to export Belize Seafood to Florida in the 50’s

fisherman's co-op san pedro belize

Before they had refrigeration they salted the fish to keep them

lighthouse caye

This boat was falling apart and sunk near Light House Caye leaving the fishermen floating

ambergris caye belize fisherman's cooperative

Old San Pedro Belize pictures when the town had houses on the beach over hotels and bars

national institute of culture and history belize

Ambergris Caye Fisherman’s Cooperative art history show



  1. Charlotte June 28, 2014

    It’s a foodpolooza there. Best luck with your clean eating. What a nice display of times past.


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