hurricane rina 2011 ambergris caye belize weather october

Hurricane Rina

9:00am Belize weather brings us Hurricane Rina.  So far so good we have been getting rain this morning but nothing crazy and our place is are not leaking anywhere. According to the wunderground 5 day forecast  Hurricane Rina will be due north of the island this afternoon.  I am not sure that the hurricane will be much worse than normal rainy weather in Belize in October.

Back in a bit with weather update.  I am alternating between work and a perfect rainy day chore – cleaning out my closet for the Halloween stuff swap at Pedro’s Monday night. It is a good time to let go of a lot of stuff that I do not use or wear enough.

Back at my desk for a quick update. It is 11:00am and not raining. Here is something I came across that you might like, getting ready for Rina, pictures from yesterday by Dianne Campbell on Caribbean Hurricane Network.

6:05pm Just got back from a walk, it was nice and sunny and lots of people were on docks fishing in town. I took lots of pictures will post some tomorrow..

hurricane rina 2011 ambergris caye belize weather october
Playing with watercolor effect


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