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Hurricane Rina pictures

Paul decided we should go for a long walk yesterday since the sun came out and Hurricane Rina was not making us housebound. Paula, Jessie faye and Dick were heading to town so we decided to join them. I have a ton of pics to sort through so I will be adding more throughout the day.

Hoping to go to class today but I have a feeling the pool will be closed. Quite a few businesses around town were closed yesterday – glad DandE’s was open.

Likely write more later.

This next round of pictures is Our walk through town on the beach. We stopped at Master Lee’s for a drink and some almond cookies, then we watched them play backgammon for a bit on the side street by Estel’s and headed to DandE’s for frozen custard.




  1. It was a nice walk Paula.

  2. Great photos, Laurie! I sure enjoyed that day!!

  3. Ouch snow before Halloween that is rough Alan, time to fly south 🙂

  4. I’m very happy to hear that Rina gave you a miss, Laurie. Here in SW corner of Masachussetts, we got 2″ of wet snow which only stuck on the grass and trees,fortunately, but the low tonight will be 27F. This is far too early for snow, even for us, as it isn’t Halloween, until Monday. Only a coupla weeks ago, it was 80F!!! Our norm. Is 40 to 45F for this time of year. Hope this is not a warning of things to come!!!!
    Alan S.

  5. So glad Rina didn’t make a direct hit on San Pedro!

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