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How I spent my Columbus day

Yesterday was Columbus Day also known as Pan American Day and a Belize bank holiday. I decided a half day at work and Estel’s was a good way to celebrate the holiday so I texted Cowboy Doug and Leisa to come out and play and Paul did same for Cindy and Andy. Paul and I had a cart from Pedro’s and went  pick up Cindy, Andy,  Molly and Kilo at the bridge. Doug and Leisa also busy with work said they would meet us there as soon as they could.

We got to Estel’s and found out they too were out enjoying the holiday. We stood there thinking of all the places we could go that would be dog friendly and settled on Wet Willy’s Cantina, texted and Leisa and told them to meet us there. When we got to Wet Willy’s the bartender said sorry drinks only today and I was so ready for their baked mac and cheese and a hamburger 🙁

I could have titled this post always have a plan b, c or d 🙂 We started thinking about where else we could go to eat and Paul even went as far as to call Exotic Caye office only to be told there was no food at Crazy Canucks right now – the lunch gods were not smiling on us.

We decided on Wayo’s Beernet, it was close and has a great beach view. They do not serve food there but by the time Doug and Leisa showed up we had worked out a plan and got the bartenders ok to eat panini sandwiches there. Paul ended up getting elected to go from a shady number picking deal between him Andy and Cindy and Cowboy said he would drive. They called us a few minutes later from Geo’s to read the menu and take our orders.

We chatted and waited for our food which came on Belize time, it was worth it though they make a damn good sandwich. I had Canadian Bacon, cheese, sweet pepper, tomato for $9 bzd, Paul’s roast beef was $12 and Cowboy’s ultimate $15 to give you an idea of their pricing. While we were eating we saw some fishermen bring in a bull shark and a crowd gather, we were all to engrossed in our sandwiches to go check it out up close.

After lunch  a guy showed up at the bar with a plastic container full of chicken pies and stuffed jalapenos.  I was thrilled to see him and bought 2 chicken pies and 4 stuffed jalapeno peppers for $14 bzd – Sunday dinner was done 🙂

It was looking like we were done too, Cowboy got a call they had to go do a few things at the pool bar and grill. Since we were going to drive Cindy and Andy to the bridge they suggested we cross it and stop by Coco Loco’s cribbage tournament, held every Monday 4:00pm. I almost did not go as food coma was setting in but I am really glad I did you will see why in the pictures below.

belize bars
Looking north from Wayo’s Beernet
wayo from cayo belize
Enjoying Columbus day at the beach
ambergris caye beach
Walking down the beach in Boca Del Rio
ambergris caye beaches
Beach in Boca Del Rio
belize beach pictures
Waving hello
belize wood
Carved wood table

Once we crossed the bridge, we dropped the boys off and headed to Cindy and Andy’s place to swap out the dogs for a backgammon board. Cindy and I sat on a lounger and played a few games, she beat me two to one but I think it was evened out a bit cause I gammoned her. After our third one Cindy looked up and saw a rainbow which immediately got our attention. It was a  big full rainbow, what made it so cool was the moving clouds gave everyone a spectacular show. Shortly after that Cowboy texted Paul and told him they were on they way to join us for a drink, making it two times in one day that we ended up on Belize time 🙂

belize bar
Rainbow at Coco Loco’s bar
san pedro belize bars
Full rainbow at Coco Loco’s bar
north ambergris caye
Watching the stunning sunset rainbow cloud show in the sky at Coco Loco’s
rainbow pictures from north ambergris caye
Sunset cloud rainbow show
a pic of a rainbow
Amazing rainbow
rainbow cloud
Rainbow clouds

2 thoughts on “How I spent my Columbus day

  1. tacogirl says:

    Now you know how I feel on the coconut phone in the mornings. To much to keep track of, hard to follow except when the conversation is centered around food 😉

  2. Dr Al says:

    I had trouble following the plot of this story.. To many characters to keep track of for one. Doug, Liesha, you, Paul, Cindy, Andy, Molly, Kilo, Estel, Willy. Like a vaudeville review. Plus the plot is very hard to follow. However it appeared to center around food. The suspense mounted as it became unclear if lunch was going to be sequestered. And it took several reads to sort out if the panini came from Geo’s or Wayo’s. Wel it had a happy ending.

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