Heavy Rain on San Pedro all clear on Caye Chapel

The rain hit fast and heavy Monday morning so I pulled out my dry bag  and repacked everything. Since I was bringing my office with me, I did not want downpour mishaps with my tech gear.  Thankfully I did not get too wet walking from  my house to Banyan Bay to catch a cab. When I got to the main road Cal was driving by and so I hitched a ride right to Maya Air with him. The 4 golfers were already there checked in for the short flight, and ready to hit the green.

It was my second trip back to Caye Chapel Island and the thought of it was just as exciting as the first. Even though I knew I was not going to get as much pool time due to work, I was still glad to get away on the holiday Monday and be able to set up my office in such a great place.

In honor of Columbus day, and the spirit of the island, I decided to hit the beach before work 🙂 I took a lice long walk and enjoyed the quietness of it all. When I got back the golfers were already lunching upstairs in the club house at the big long table.

After lunch I decided to make my office in the area by the big screen tv and settled on the wedding crashers. What a perfect Monday afternoon at work. It was not long before the golfers were back and  it was time to go meet the plane.  Doug and I went through our snack stuff and gave as much as we could  to Evan. His sister and his mom were there visiting and it is not like they can run out to the store and pick things up. If it were not for having been so last minute, we would have brought a few more treats to leave behind. Funny how something so small can you feel like you won the jackpot. I felt that way last night when I opened a bag of stuff that Denise from Project Belize sent home with tacoboy and found 2 Cliff bars  a minors headlight and a few pairs of reading glasses.

You can see more of Caye Chapel in my video below or get more information by going to my #TravelTuesday Taking our Mulligan at Caye Chapel post. Caye Chapel is a  par-72 golf course is the only full size golf course in Belize.  It’s location is  16 miles north-northeast of Belize City and 3 miles south of Caye Caulker. The island itself is is  265 acres,  or 2 miles long and  1/2 mile wide with the entire eastern shoreline being sandy beach and  the western side is the golf course. Caye Chapel resort is officially closed but the golf course is open.  A full day of golf including rental clubs, cart and all the golf you can play on your own private island course, as well as coolers and ice $150 bzd and must be paid in cash. Advance notice is required to play there. *2023 update there is currently golfing on Caye Chapel.

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