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The eyes are the mirror of the Soul

They say  eyes are the mirror of the Soul after my recent iridology appointment I can also say they are a window into what is going on inside our body.

For those of you who are not familiar – Iridology is the examination and analysis of the iris or colored portion of the eye in order to determine what is going on inside. The organs of the body are represented in the iris in well mapped out areas by various marks and discolorations.

Iridology is used not to diagnose but to help us understand our basic body constitution so we can learn how to better balance our nutrition and lifestyle to obtain greater physical – mental and emotional wellness.

Iridology can help a person identify what can be done in regard to optimizing their diet. Iridology can also help identify possible system and organ weaknesses which can attribute to the following health conditions:

  • Food Allergies & Intolerance
  • Digestive Problems – Candida – IBS
  • Low Moods & Depression
  • Weight issues
  • Stress
  • Skin problems
  • Low Energy
  • Hormonal issues
  • Arthritis & joint pain

My treatment started with left eye first and then the right. Rachelle used a light and a magnifying glass to carefully study both eyes. When you think about it the road map from the eyes to the body is pretty incredible. When Rachelle read my eyes she saw that I could improve upon the way I was eating in order to streamline the way my motor was running.

Many myself included suffer from SAD [Standard American Diet] and likely do not even know it because we are used to how our body is and it has been that way our whole lives. Often we eat our next meal without considering the fact that our previous one was not properly digested and end up causing more stress on our bodies as it now has to find a place to store the old stuff in order to work on eliminating the new stuff.

My stomach was more acid and two of my starting points –  eat more alkaline foods and no mixing carbs and protein in same meal. To make it easy Rachelle suggested I get in the habit of doing a weekly food prep day.

While I have not gone gold turkey ramped up my meal plan to start eating the way Rachelle recommended would best for my body. I decided to give myself from Wed till today to get a few things out of the way – like the m&m’s in my freezer and a bit more of the candy Cindy brought us back from Europe. I also chose not to give up iced coffee right away.

I have set a challenge for myself – over the next month I am going to stick to the plan as best I can and see what happens from the inside out. I will post weekly updates on how it is going and let you know when I cheat and what I decide is worth cheating for.

To get an idea of healthier food options check out my Wild Rose Meal Plan from the Wild Rose Cleanse I did back in 2008. I am using this as a menu template and modifying it to fit with Rachelle’s eating guidelines. For all meals Rachelle’s recommendation was to eat light to heavy starting each meal with leafy green salad.

Breakfast – fruit or fresh made juice and water. I have been doing watermelon juice  or coconut water before iced coffee. Mornings are dedicated to hydration and elimination.
Lunch is salad followed by carbs. At this time I am also to be eating a larger lunch and not doing afternoon snacks.
Dinner is protein time. I have been going light on this for now as I am really trying to let my system get some much needed balance. I find myself having to look up nutrition data as well to make sure I am not doing starches or carbs with dinner.

For junk food replacement I am patiently waiting for Healthy Belize to build the solar dehydrator and get an oil free plantain chip happening. Anyone coming down that would have space  to bring a mandolin slicer for Zac it would be much appreciated. This will help him get the chips sliced thin enough so we do not chip a tooth ha ha.

“The eye is the jewel of the body.” Henry David Thoreau. I am glad I decided to pay some much needed attention to my jewels and give them a good polishing.

If you live on Ambergris Caye or are on vacation in Belize and you want to do something good for yourself I highly recommend a visit to Rachelle Wintzen for an  iridology treatment. You can reach Rachelle t the following contact info & 635-4661 her social media pages are Chi Junky on twitter and chi junky facebook page.

Rachelle Wintzen is a New York certified clinical nutritionist, uses iridology as a discovery tool for the body & yoga instructor.

In addition to keeping up with holistic treatments I do believe in seeing a doctor when need be and getting regular check ups. For those that want more information about traditional healthcare in Belize, here are links to a couple of previous posts with costs for visiting Doctor on Ambergris Caye to get blood work blood work and to get checked out for a stomach bug.

7 thoughts on “The eyes are the mirror of the Soul

  1. al salter says:

    Did you know that Iridology was invented by a Hungarian MD who saw a fleck in the eye of a man whose broken leg was being treated and it reminded him of a similar fleck in an owl’s eye whose leg he broke weeks earlier? Very scientific. Also if you look into the right iris at the 5 o’clock position you get info on the genitals. I tried this in the mirror this am. It was very depressing.:)

  2. tacogirl says:

    More like the New England J of claptrap ha ha. I am a purist JP I mean Al could never spoil blueberries and cool whip with vodka that is just wrong.

    Only temporarily on tacos Diane, good thing we do not live in town or it would be a lot harder.

    I get my daily wine from you Al lol.

    Very cool Lorenzo – stomach problems are no fun. It is good your parents found that Guatemalan Doctor.

  3. Lorenzo @belizepost says:

    When I was a child I suffered from recurring stomach problems and medications that several doctors gave me didn’t work. My parents then took me to Guatemala to see a doctor that examined my eyes and tried alternative medicines. That finally worked!

    Until today, thanks to this post I found out it’s called Iridology. I try to learn something new everyday, great post.

  4. al salter says:

    Error: Dinner was tortellini in vodka pasta sauce with garlic bread . But there was caesar salad with bacon bits. Sorry about that. Your readers should be aware that 3 glasses of red wine/day is an essential food group because of cholesterol lowering reservatrol. Also the alcohol reduces platelet adhesion lowering clot risk. Oh I have a mandolin slicer want me to send it?

  5. al salter MD (ret.) says:

    Laurie: You do this to irritate me. When I have been such a loyal fan. From the New England J. of Medicine:” Iridology makes no anatomic or physiologic sense. It is not merely worthless. Incorrect diagnoses can unnecessarily frighten people, cause them to waste money seeking medical care for nonexistent conditions, or steer them away from necessary medical care when a real problem is overlooked not to mention the cost of unnecessary dietery supplements”
    One should never die healthy. So for breakfast today I had maple flavoured bacon, fried eggs and toast, Lunch is a bagel with sliced turkey, roast beef and swiss. Dinner will be honey garlic ribs and minute rice. And fresh blueberries with chocolate vodka and cool whip for dessert. Thought you should know:)

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