Princess Poker room Belize City

Princess Poker room

I really wanted a day off yesterday so I decided to cash in on Paul’s trip to the Princess poker room in Belize city for pictures and a poker update.

San Pedro poker players – Pedro – Chris Allnatt and Jock flew to Belize City to enjoy Sunday afternoon Poker with Bob Bounahra. Word on the street – ESPN is making plans to come interview celebrity poker player Bob Belize Bounahra in person.

After making the cut for the WSOP November Nine – Bob said he gets people asking him to take pictures with them on a daily Basis.

While Paul was away -I thoroughly enjoyed having the house to myself. I reloaded my iPod shuffle –  had a private pool party and listened to music all night.

4 thoughts on “Princess Poker room

  1. tacogirl says:

    Poker is giving Belize tourism big exposure thanks to Bob. Many of my readers are poker players both local and those who have come for the annual Boogie in Belize poker tournament, or tuned into tacogirl if they could not make it to see the event. Also included in the Belize poker game advocates are the 300 people who attended the Captain Morgan’s Lady and the Champ SAGA Poker fundraiser. As for iridology post and comments be nice or yours might end up on cutting room floor 🙂

  2. al salter says:

    Not interested in poker.Neither are your other readers. Really want to hear about your iridology appt. so’s I can yank your chain.

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