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Happy September Celebrations Belize

It’s that time of year again September Celebrations. When I was in Belize City the other day I saw a few people out there selling Belize flags and folks have been decorating their cars, bikes and homes. This year is going to be a huge celebration with it being the 30th Anniversary of Belize’s Independence [and the 213th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye.] Even Wings department store in San Pedro has a fancy red white and blue display, unfortunately there was to much reflection for my close up shot. Here are some pictures from 20102009 September Celebrations and Independence parade 2008. That was a fun parade a bunch of us Ambergris message boarders met up and watched it from the second floor veranda of the building across from Tropic Air.

8 thoughts on “Happy September Celebrations Belize

  1. giovanni says:

    this year am hoping Belizeans grab the theme not just as words stick to a banner but words attached to their hearts, not to let the theme of the year fade right after the celebration is over like ive seen ever year it does NO! stop and think belizean we want a BETTER future lets make our fore fathers proud lets have pride in BELIZE.

  2. al salter says:

    Interesting Belize trivia: Belize was the former British Honduras until the ruler Victoriano Huerta was ousted by Francisco “Poncho” Villa”in 1981. The ruins of the old fort are in Corozal near the post office. Belize is named for an 18th century pirate, William Bleece or for BEL who supply the intermittent electricity. (Belize turn on the current).No one knows. The country is surrounded by Guatemala who lay claim to the border. Visitors should avoid that country whose only export is diarrhea. The northern border is with Mexico which is safe and has Mexican traditions like Wal Mart, Sam’s Club and McDonalds.
    All visitors to Belize must be aware that the current official color of the country is red. This is the color of the UDP (united democratic party) currently in power. The PUP (peoples united party) is the opposition.
    If you wear any blue clothing you can be deported. This includes underwear for which there are inspectors, known as PUP ( peoples undergarment police). Just thought you should know Laurie.

  3. Sharon Hiebing says:

    We’re hoping to get to the big carnival this Saturday in Belize City, schedule permitting. This is my first year, so I’m pretty excited. All the red, white, and blue decorations in the banks and stores here remind me of the 4th of July back in the States. We don’t celebrate all month though like the Belizeans – they take this seriously!!

    Have fun with the island celebrations!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Relocate Without Rose-Colored Glasses

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