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September Celebrations

Paul and I had planned to go to lazy crock yesterday but got to working on something top secret (which you will all soon see) and never made it out the door except for a quick run to the store for Mitch and I.

So we decided to go today after the rain. Not long after we headed out in the cart Paul said we should have called first in case they are closed (which turned out to be the case) – I did not mind as I thought it would do us good to go across the bridge today. We ended up at Ak’bol for lunch and saw Kirsten and Emilio.

Today is national rum punch day so when we go to the big September Celebration block party tonight I will enjoy one for all of us.

Paul asked for this one

Road north

Ak bol barracks

Food at Bean

This pic for trumpets yay 595

Ak'bol pool

Happy National rum punch day








September Celebrations

September Celebrations

It’s 1:45 am – was a fun night – time to go eat m&m’s watch some tv then off to bed.


  1. Thanks Francis – glad you like it.

  2. VERY cool site!! Wonderful pictures-thank you so much-made my day! It’s great to see when you can’t be there yourself! Francis http://www.geothermalquestions.net

  3. Love the photos of the fireworks!

  4. Hi Scott that is funny day in the life moment thanks for sharing.

    Harold it is on the stretch of road before the Palapa bar – so many gorgeous spots up that way.

    It is actually on the 20th Becky so make sure to mark the right day.

  5. I will be putting Sept 21 – Rum Punch Day on my calendar from here on out. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  6. the pic of the north road is absolutely beautiful i love it !!! made it my desktop page. where on the island is it harold

  7. Hey Tgirl,

    Just dropping you a line…Been busy here is rut land…EOQ and lots of phone time…Heat kinda calmed down here (record 70+ days with 100+ temps), now highs of 90s and 80s and a lil rain…Thought I might share a funny day in the life moment…So my boys, who are teenagers (16 and 14) have a habit of saying “dude” in every sentence…Hey, we are from California! but it got annoying to me one night, so I told them, each time they say Dude, they have to do 5 push ups (a healthy incentive)…they must have done 100 + pushups the first day and the next day they were SO quiet and sore…they even caught me a few times…anyways, it was really fun and funny when they got caught…even got them to say it in the middle of doing their pushups…ooops thats 5 more…lol…okay, back to work for me…have a great day and hope to here from my penpal soon…


  8. I thought you might CT.

  9. I recognize those coozies.

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