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Living in Belize

Amy Brown – Art Sale


Photo by Amy Brown

After aquafit class I went with Michelle and Jorge to see Amy Browns Art work at the Belizean Reef. She does really nice cards paintings and tote bags using acrylic and oil.

She is headed back to California for a bit and selling off some of her work before she does.Time line to get in on this action is Sunday Sept 27th and you can reach Amy up until that date at 665-2515 or on a more permanent basis at amybelize@yahoo.com

You can read her bio about moving to the Caribbean From Cali – how Belize turned her into an artist and  see more of her art at artistamy.com.

Photo by Amy Brown

Tote bags

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  1. tacogirl September 22, 2009

    I was told Sunday Sept 27th R Smith.

  2. R Smith September 22, 2009

    How long will Amy be displaying her art at the Belizean Reef

  3. Michele in Playa September 18, 2009

    Very pretty!!


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