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Challenge to Playa Bloggers

After loosing Sev and JH earlier this week we gained one back – Mark found me yesterday so I got him to come to the pool. He had been to Maureen’s class before but we did not have the big noodles or weights at the time.

Aquafit was really good today. I told Maureen this is the longest consecutive effort I have made for exercise ever. Monel also managed to make it for one more class – they leave tomorrow on the 7am to Corozal.

I am issuing a challenge to anyone in Playa Del Carmen to blog Monel at an aquafit class there. We need to start connecting the dots so we can do a class field trip ha ha.

Sending out some good mojo for Helda – she is in the karaoke finals tonight at jaguars. Sorry Helda we could not make it out but we are rooting for you on the south side.

I almost forgot Belated Birthday Shout Out goes to Pink – just found out we share the same day Sept 8th.

Aquafit class

Pool time

Michelle came to say hi

Heart shaped cloud

2 thoughts on “Challenge to Playa Bloggers

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Remo

    Sounds like you had a good time. That is cool you met a lot of Canadians. Definitely small world – Beto was a really nice landlord and that apartment was a great first place to land. It was fun living in town.

    We had loads of fun at Taste of Playa – it was nice to get off the island for a weekend.


  2. Remo says:

    I am back from playa del carmen!

    I just got back from playa del carmen on Sept. 19th after 2 weeks. Although I missed the taste of playa I still had an awesome time in playa del carmen. It was not cheap though, I spent like $4000 US in two weeks but it was worth it. Trust me, a long story there tacogirl. But, Maya regional airways lost our luggage but we got it back all intact and nothing lost. So, thats good news eh?

    Guess what? We met many Canadians while in Playa del Carmen and one couple were even going to Caye Caulker for a few weeks (still there now).

    Oh and guess what tacogirl? My gf told me that her dad was your lanlord for awhile when you first came to Ambergris Caye. Small world eh? Actually, her uncle is the owner of Ramon’s reef resort. Small world indeed.

    Anyway, excuse my typing now because I am working on a Havana Club anejo 12 anos right now I brought back from playa:D

    So, you had a good time as well tacogirl? I hope so.

    Anyway…..Remo out for now:)


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