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Happy Dance

Imagine 2 tacos doing the happy water dance – we finally got hooked up this afternoon brand new meter and all. Just in time too flush buckets were getting old fast.

John Henry and Mitch cooked again lovely snapper with vegetables and rice. I feel so spoiled – was happy to help on washing up.

Birthday shout out to Pedro – see you at your party on Friday.

island life

A few pics from the second floor back veranda at Cindy and JH’s place and front side.

island life

ambergris caye real estate
san pedro real estate

Paul having a refresh break before his afternoon meeting.


  1. Thanks and so true Amy.

  2. Good for you both I always find that the “energy” I get when we look for a place is just how I know if it’s for us. Happy living!

  3. I have to agree with you there Amy. While we did like our other place this one is a much better fit for us and I felt that instantly the first time we came to look at it.

  4. It looks as though the universe had a plan for you and tacoboy…..looks like you should have always been in this place. Enjoy!

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