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2 – 3 days – yeah right!!!

I just called the water company again just to remind them we are still here and she told me normally it takes 2 or 3 days for the water to be turned on. I just said thanks and hung up the phone – not wanting to be one of those bi@tch customers that gets stuck on the bottom of the pile. Still optimistic that it will come soon.

Technically it has been 7 days but that does not really count as Saturday and Sunday they are closed and last Thursday and Friday trips to talk to them were just trying to get the to come out and assess if we could have water.

Good thing I have patience a pool and use of  Cindy and JH’s  shower upstairs. Cindy sent us an excited text this morning that they now have hot water.

Package aka Jeff aka boomerang came back today to see Cindy not sure how long he is staying this time.

Been reading July cosmo puttering – putting things away and contemplating riding my bike to town to pick up a few things.

Spent $118 at the hardware store – for that price I got 2 garbage cans 7 Westinghouse energy saver mini spiral light bulbs and one universal remote. Did not see a dish rack I liked so I went somewhere else to look saw my garbage cans for $1 cheaper and noticed same remote for a couple dollars more so it all evened out in the end.

Came home and still no water. Luckily Cindy cut us a key so I bagged up our dishes grabbed dish rack I had just bought a sponge and some soap and headed upstairs to clean everything up.

We all went for a swim and I got to catch up on some aquafit – missed class Tuesday. I just love having a pool.

We are all hanging out upstairs now – JH and Mitch are cooking yum.

Shout out to Chunky and Ruth those are the Cadillac of air mattresses you gave us – very enjoyable.

living in san pedro belize

$118 dollars worth of stuff

san pedro belize

Packing up dishes to wash them upstairs

island life

Nothing like a nice swim after a really great day.

2 thoughts on “2 – 3 days – yeah right!!!

  1. tacogirl says:

    You can come over anytime you like just pop me on coconut phone and say you are ready for a dip. It’s a good dish strainer but a bit small – thanks for tooth brush tip.

  2. Colette says:

    We have the same dish rack, but in red. Love it. Keep an old toothbrush for cleaning it though as mold does gather in the corners of the cutlery drainer.

    When are we coming round for a swim? x

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