San Pedro Belize beach pictures

I got pedro’d

Incoming lobsterfesters – Colomojo and Tracey are back in town. Lucky ducks are here 3 weeks. I Hooked up with them this morning to go to the school. They were taking the magic red suitcase that keeps refilling it self and coming back and checking in about spending time at Holy Cross next week.

After school stopped at gecko graphics quickly to turn something in for Paul then made a bee line for the pool. We missed the first half of class but managed to catch some of the action – after class I caught up on what I missed in our pool.

Getting decorations ready for Pedro’s party tonight – it is going to be an interesting night. Paul and I are teaming up to make a making a pin the horns on the devil game. Unfortunately our printer is not working well so we will have to print the Pedro heads when we get there. Shout out to everyone who has contributed to my magic decorating box.

Party was too much fun – lots of people – bbq and 2 h of drinks on the house. I told Pedro I was going to get drunk for his birthday. Not such a bright idea and a total reminder of why I don’t drink – it is just not worth getting sick afterward.

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