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Total write off

Today was a total write off in so many ways spent most of the morning and a good part of the afternoon trying to stop feeling sick after getting pedro’d last night.

Internet was down for a good chunk of time so had to wait till this evening to finish uploading pics.

Chatting Monel Lara and Jo on coconut phone while I try to program our universal remote. Not having muck luck on that and I even followed Lara’s suggestion and looked up more codes on the internet. Monel making fresh brownies yum – glad we are on his taste tester list.

On the plus side since I slept a lot this morning I was up late and able to work on a long standing project my clippings from the news paper. When friends are in paper I try to catch it and clip it out and put it in a binder. Have one going for the school too.

Also started a new book Water Dance: Water Fitness for Mind, Body, and Soul by Juliana Larson. So far so good – author telling her story about teaching aquafit and how working out in water it has impacted her life and those she teaches – right up my alley for sure.

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