Getting to Belize Cheaper

Hopefully this will be of help to Canucks who are looking to fly south during the cold winter months. Air Canada inaugurates the only daily, non-stop service between Montreal and Houston, Texas. From Houston, customers will be able to conveniently connect with Air Canada Star Alliance Partner Continental Airlines to fly to a wide variety of destinations such as New Orleans, Charleston, Acapulco, Belize and Honduras. I keep hoping for a big seat sale for everyone like last year when people were buying up 2 and 3 vacation spots at a time. I know the Trumpets have also been doing their due diligence telling everyone who will listen know that they want some Belize travel deals and something has to be done about costly flight prices to Belize.


5 thoughts on “Getting to Belize Cheaper

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for the input Ice. I wonder how much cheaper it would be doing it that way versus flying direct. I know when we had to go back to Canada and pack up the last of our stuff it was a lot cheaper to go through Cancun. Since we were coming back with 4 big suitcases we decided in that case it was worth the extra to fly direct.

    I agree Remo flights out of here are very costly. While Cancun can pan out to be a cheaper flight option depending on where you are headed but the extra time can be a con. I think it was Tuesdays and Wednesdays I was told were good days to check the airlines and book direct for cheaper flights. If you start checking now maybe you can notice a trend and be ready to book as soon as you feel the time is right and you see a good deal.

  2. Ice says:

    Actually it’s quite simple. Fly to Miami, take the flights to Cancun, and then the executive bus to Belize. Just add a day each way, and enjoy the ride.

  3. Remo says:

    What about people trying to find a cheap ticket to Canada?

    My Aunt and Cousin called me 2 weeks ago inviting me to his wedding at Charlottetown, PEI in July of 2010.

    Can you recommend any good sites that you deal with to buy tickets?

    You think I should book from now? Too soon?

    I am doing my own research but thought maybe you might have some valuable tips for me?

    Thanks in advance


  4. JimmyT says:

    I know your heart is in the right place, but!
    We are dealing with AC here who has never had a respect for the travelling public. I speak as a Super Elite member of Aeroplan.
    They tried a similar route to Dallas several years ago and cancelled it after 6 mths.
    Despite all the pontificating on the boards about taxes, fuel surcharges etc., its very simple, the airlines have recognized that they can get a premium for Belize and are milking it. They ony way it will stop is with additional competitiion.
    Obviously in the Airlines view there is not enough demand to add additional capacity to Belize, therefore fares will remain where they are.
    Perhaps, If the BTB were to start considering allowing additional airlines to provide direct flights to BLZ, then you might see things change.

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