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I received an interesting comment today from Rubye in a Jan 2008 post. Comment: I’m an origami fan and paper airplanes is one of my favorite forms of the art. It challenges not just your folding skills but also teaches you about aerodynamics. I remember a software called “The Greatest Paper Airplanes”. It teaches how to fold 50 different paper airplanes step by step with instructions and videos. Too bad the software is no longer distributed but there’s a website that teaches how to fold those 50 paper airplanes.

I posted this for those of you who want to do a mini volunteer while here – it is as simple as google and print simple instructions on how to do origami or paper airplanes and sitting with a class or at the library with the kids. You can spare what ever amount of time fits your vacation. I am still hoping to find someone who can crochet plastic bags to teach older girls how to make cool purses.

Pedro’s Hotel in Belize is bringing Christmas to Liberty Children’s home with a big fundraiser Dec 6th. 50% of bar and food proceeds will go towards Christmas dinner and presents for the kids – to find out more just check Pedro’s Hotel Happenings.

Paper airplane

6 thoughts on “Crafts

  1. tacogirl says:

    I will do Cath – have to google again and see what I find. Mostly I saw pics though and not patterns so not sure if that will help in what you want.

  2. Jan says:

    I am coming to Holy Cross January 25 as a volunteer until school is out. One of the things I’m bringing is crochet hooks and patterns — I’ve done a bunch of bags out of plastic bags. I would LOVE to teach the older girls — and maybe some mom’s?? It was exciting to see that someone else had this idea too. See you in a few weeks.

  3. Cath says:

    Can you send me some links to my gmail address? I’d like to see if they are at my skill level and, if they are, what size of hooks I would need to bring for the girls.

  4. tacogirl says:

    Hi Cath. No hooks I figured I would find the person who makes them first and then work around that. I saw some modern looking designs and it would be a great way to recycle. Change purse is another one I was thinking of.

  5. Cath says:

    I can crochet a plastic bag purse in my sleep and would love to help the girls make them. Not sure how cool they’d be though…I’m old :~) Do you have hooks?

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