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Paper airplanes

Chatting with Bill, Beth, Courtney and Colly on the coconut phone and enjoying my second iced coffee. This afternoon Denise and I are heading to the school to make an attempt at doing an art class for the kids. We had planned on using toilet paper rolls and making some sort of crafts with them. After Google searching that idea and not really finding anything I wanted to print off for an example, I got to thinking what if we did not have enough toilet paper rolls? Would there be enough things handy to decorate them with? Then it hit me paper airplanes – with a quick search I was able to find lots of designs. I tested one and was able to make it fly. I figured If I could have some sort of success on my first try then maybe we could get the boys and girls airborne. Anyone interested in participating in art, drama or any skill set they might have to offer please email me at the address in my profile – this can be a one time thing or on a part time basis. Just printed off 25 or so coloring pages – found a lot of cool stuff – time to get ready to walk over and get Denise. We ended up in Mr Darwin Tun’s class and had a great time doing art with the kids – split them up into 3 groups – boys made planes and 2 tables of girls doing coloring and crafts. To help boost what we brought with us. Miss Grace and Miss Lara let is go through the supply closet for some glue, markers, colored pencils, and paper. If you would like to help the kids get creative, art supplies are a very welcome donation. We are also looking for valentine cards if anyone reading this is coming down soon. Boca Del Rio Boca Del Rio roads – beach detour further ahead Making paper airplanes Coloring pages Making cards and puppets Ready for take off Cards and puppets – stickers courtesy of TQ Coloring pages and cards Finger print books someone donated – any art supplies are welcome Ride home with Herb – he was just heading to cross the bridge at the same time we were.

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  1. Rubye Byers says:

    I’m an origami fan and paper airplanes is one of my favorite forms of the art. It challenges not just your folding skills but also teaches you about aerodynamics. I remember a software called “The Greatest Paper Airplanes”. It teaches how to fold 50 different paper airplanes step by step with instructions and videos. Too bad the software is no longer distributed but there’s a website that teaches how to fold those 50 paper airplanes.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Hi Tesha

    Your best bet for information to many of your questions is the message board. They have a search option there and you can find many posts asking similar questions and see everyones answers. Check links area on left hand side of page and you will see it listed or go to to find it.

    My bf and I volunteer at the Anglican school but are not missionaries, just a couple of beach bums who found their way to enjoy helping the kids how ever we can.

    Small homes on stilts is San Mateo area just across the bridge, many of the students who go to the school live there.

  3. tesha says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog tonight while researching Belize. I’ve really enjoyed reading it! My boyfriend and I are coming to Ambergris Caye in May to wed, so I’m trying to find out whatever I can about the island and country.

    What are some places you’d recommend as must sees/must eat ats?

    I’m also curious about what work you do in San Pedro – are you a missionary working with the catholic school?

    Those pictures in the early part of your blog, of small homes on stilts – is that on Ambergris Caye?

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