Belize Drivers License

Getting or Replacing a Belize Drivers License and Gas Prices

After my February move, I somehow could not find where my Belize drivers license got packed and I searched high and low to no avail. I happened to explain the situation to one of my traffic police friends and he told me exactly what to do to order a replacement.

I had to go to the police station and fill out a form and pay $8.00 then bring it back to the traffic department. This was so they had a police verified record on file of why I did not turn in my old license, which is a requirement to get a new one. Following that, I went back to the traffic department ground floor of the San Pedro Town Council office and handed them the form. They immediately started processing my request and had me go upstairs to the cashier to pay for a new license.

Surprisingly from the time I found out what my next step was until I had my new license in hand was 20 minutes. I did not face one line up and I was able to use the same picture from the old one – I had felt like it could have easily been a mugshot day haha.

Wondering if you qualify for a Belize Drivers License?

In order get Belize license, you need to be or have one of the following.

  • A valid drivers license from the country you came from (or you will have to take the driving test all over again.)
  • A permanent (not temporary) work permit.
  • Qualified Retirement Person status (QRP.)
  • Belize Residency or Citizenship.

Cost of a Belize License

The cost of a license is $60.00 BZD a year and you can purchase up to 3 years maximum for $180 BZD. Providing you do not need to take the test, they take your picture and make your license right on the spot.

San Pedro Town Council
Traffic dept ground floor door behind the traffic police.
Getting a Belize drivers liscence
Go to the door behind watch your head sign for license matters.
Belize Drivers License
Form for replacing a lost Belize drivers license.
Driving in San Pedro Belize
Minor crazy traffic on the way into town.
Driving in Belize
Traffic tickets also get paid upstairs at town board.

Gas Stations and Price

There are 2 gas stations in San Pedro. One in town that also serves boats, and one south of town. The current Ambergris Caye Price of Gas 97.7 cents per liter for regular; Diesel is 88.8 cents per gallon.

It is important to remember to keep your golf cart gassed up. I say that from the experience of having recently been with friends that ran out after hours. Thankfully they were renting from C&S so we called the guys and they came immediately to the rescue with gas.

Town Gas Station Hours

Caribe̱a Fuel: 6:00 am Р6:00 pm 7 days a week Рchanges on holidays. Located on Caribe̱a Street north-west end of town. Contact #206-2529

South Gas Station Hours

Caribe̱a Fuel: 6:30 am Р8:00 pm 7 days a week Рchanges on holidays. Located about a mile south of town at the corner of Sea Grape Drive and Blake Street. Contact #226-4496

Marine Gas station San Pedro town
C-monkey waiting their turn at the pump.
Belize Drivers License
Land and marine gas station north end of town.
cars in belize
Gas station south of town.

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