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Flying from Belize to Cancun Mexico

For those of you who have been following facebook page you already know my two Tropic Air flights and a short car ride Friday morning ended up landing me in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Not only are there many flights to Belize, there are flights from Belize to destinations like Cancun, Mexico. Flying from Belize to Cancun Mexico is super easy and very fast compared to going by land or boat. We left Belize at 11:30 am and landed in Cancun at 1:15 pm. As we are leaving Philip Goldson International Airport, it was very overcast and gray, but earlier San Pedro had  beautiful cloud formations and we experienced very little turbulence.

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Arriving at Cancun Airport  was great.  Even though I had been there many times from Canada this time around was a new experience arriving on a smaller sized plane. We saw lots of airport action and all sizes of cool looking planes as we walked through the aircraft parking area to customs. Getting checked into Cancun was fast and easy. It took about 10 – 15 minutes for the seven of us to hand in our customs forms and send our bags through the x-ray machine. This was the first time in a long while I did not have to take my laptop and tablet out before putting it on the conveyor belt.

With the recent time change we are the same time as Mexico now so that made it easy for making arrangements. Surendra and Carolyn offered to pick me up at the airport and drop me at hotel Sahara. As soon as I cleared customs and got to the door, I saw Surendra walking towards me. It was great seeing them again and to celebrate, Surendra stopped at a Starbucks drive through on our way to Playa.

The plan was for them to drop me off at my hotel to settle in while they went to their Spanish class and then they would come get me after to go to dinner. On the way to eat, we ran a few errands. One stop was at OXO to get a sim chip for my phone to make it easy to be in touch with everyone this weekend.

At my craving request we went for Arrachera and their food was delicious – melt in your mouth; and the grilled onions were divine. We always went to HC Monterey but the Kumars said El Fogon next door was even better and always packed which is a good sign for picking a place to eat. They told me about how when they first moved to Mexico from Belize, they were not fully set up to cook and spent their first week eating dinner there every night – my idea of food heaven 🙂

After Dinner we hit Mega so I could grab some coffee and milk for my early morning fix and they took me to a couple of  health food stores to get natural sugar and drool over the many available choices compared to Belize shopping.

A video of Random bits on my flight from Belize to Cancun.

tropic air
About to check in
international airport belize
International airport
philip goldson international airport belize
New Jets Bar could use a little more of the old flavor, Jet is still a character as always
tropic air counter at philip goldson international airport belize
Boarding call for flight to Cancun
tropic air belize
Boarding time
belize mexico
Our plane to Cancun
flying in belize
Full flight
flying in mexico
Fantastic view all up the coast of Mexico as we flew
landing at cancun airport
Landing at Cancun airport
mexico belize
A European pax with his Belize flag
flying in mexico
Cancun Airport
cancun airport mexico
Saw lots of very cool planes as we walked to the terminal
cancun airport
Heading to customs
cancun mexico
Checking in
play del carmen
Sahara Hotel
sahara hotel mexico
Nice lobby seating area
playa del carmen pictures
In San Pedro the Raspados guys have bikes instead of motorcycles
belize mexico
Belize things I brought for our Mexico friends
playa del carmen restaurants
Dinner at El Fogon with Carolyn and Surendra
simple bean soup
Bean soup was delicious
el fogon mexico
People were lined up on the street waiting for a table
mexican food
Surendra had chorizo arrachera
Carolyn and I had the arrachera special
Carolyn and I had the arrachera national special

4 thoughts on “Flying from Belize to Cancun Mexico

  1. tacogirl says:

    I am Charlotte, going to walk over an meet my friends at the food festival shortly. I agree great people watching spot, so many good ones on 5th.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Are you there for The Taste of Playa, TG? I could people watch in that Starbuck’s on the 5th all day long.

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