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Carnitas and a visit to Puerto Aventuras

I had a few hours before taking a mini road trip with the Kumar’s and decided to go for a good walk around town. My plan was to go for more sushi but the restaurant I wanted to go to was not open yet so I did a coffee frappucino instead and saved my appetite for a late breakfast with Surendra, Carolyn and Nina. I walked from 5th Avenida Calle 10 and all the way to 5th Avenida and Calle 46. This was a good route to take as I only had to worry about vehicle traffic when I came to the Calle cross streets. I find many drivers tend to go fast in Playa, similar to San Pedro Cabs. If you are ever in Playa Del Carmen following info will  help you to get around the grid like town. Avenues run parallel to the ocean and are numbered in increments of five, while the the Calles or Streets are done in increments of two and run perpendicular to the beach.

playa del carmen
Park across from Hotel Sahara
5th ave playa del carmen
Another day of the dead mannequin
playa del carmen mexico
Second story construction crew at Sanbourne
benefits of coconut water
Shopping cart full of coconuts with a sign promoting the benefits of coconut water
archiecture in playa del carmen
So much Interesting architecture in Playa Del Carmen

The following 2 quotes are a really great description Carnitas Teresita: Nina Kumar ” Do not plan a Lipid test the same day you eat carnitas.” The Kinnons  “Liberally topped with chopped white onion, fresh cilantro and a medley of salsas, the mixture is delicious and addictive.” They also gave directions Carnitas Teresita is located on Calle 1 sur, just up from the corner of Avenida 20. I agree with both of them and totally enjoyed the crunchy melt in your moth pork tacos – good thing I can only fuel that new Mexican junk food addiction on vacation 🙂 Video of the guy chopping up the pork for our Carnitas.

carnitas mexxican food
Yummy pork for carnitas
carnitas teresita in playa del carmen
Surendra and Nina at Carnitas Teresita
hicharones mexican food
Big pieces of Chicharones
carnitas tacos mexican food
Chopping up the pork for our carnitas tacos

We got our carnitas to go as the Kumar’s wanted to show me their new condo at Puerto Aventuras, which is a luxury marina community located 20 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen and 30 minutes north of Tulum Mayan Ruin site. Their place was fantastic, it was spacious and breezy with they had the best view. After our delicious lunch Surendra and Carolyn took me for a tour of the property while Nina got busy with school work. The 450 acre complex has everything onsite from restaurants and shops to a gym, a great swim up pool bar and so much more. I can totally see why the Kumar’s love living there.

destination weddings mexico
View from Kumars front balcony a picturesque stairway to a big house where they often host destination weddings
puerto aventuras mexico
You can see a good distance from their front balcony
puerto aventuras
View from the Kumar’s living room with a similar one in master bedroom
para-sailing in mexico
Zooming in on a para-sail from the Kumars balcony off the living room
carnitas tacos
Carnitas Teresita with corn tortillas, chopped white onion mixed with fresh cilantro and salsas
puerto aventuras mexico
Steps away from Kumar’s condo
puerto aventuras mexico
Walking down the beach we saw a stand up paddle boarder
swim up pool bar mexico
Super cool swim up pool bar
swim up pool bar
What a great spot to lounge
Love a nice outdoor bed and these ones looked Heavenly
I Love a nice outdoor bed and these ones looked Heavenly
yoga mexico
View from the yoga studio where the Kumars get zen and fit
lizard at puerto aventuras mexico
Big lizard on our walk
puerto aventuras luxury marina community
Heading to the Marina
puerto aventuras marina on the riviera maya
One of the marina’s at Puerto Aventuras
riviera maya marina
Puerto Adventures Marina
cool artistic signs
Cool artistic construction sign

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