Belize Licence

Flintstones Size Belize Licence and Money Saving Option

From the “Only in Belize” actually the “Only in San Pedro” file…

September is my birth month so my driver’s licence was up for renewal. This year, I waited until the pink eye epidemic had mostly passed to cross that chore off my list and today turned out to be the perfect day for it.

First thing this morning my Have Fun Stay Fit trainer Sarah messaged me to cancel our morning session due to a golf cart malfunction. I decide to replace my work out with a 1-hour errand run walking around town. First stop was Caye Supplies to check out their curtain selection. Next came the Traffic Department which is downstairs from the San Pedro Town Council Office on Barrier Reef Dr. (Front St).

I got lucky and I was given a tip to save a step by paying the renewal fee first. So I proceeded upstairs to the Town Council Office and showed the lady in the Treasury department booth my expired licence. I told her I wanted to pay for my renewal so she took my $60.00 and gave me a receipt. I then went back downstairs to the back office of the Traffic Department. The woman serving me told me that their printer was down so I was not able to get the picture card done that day. She made a note on my receipt and told me to go get it  laminated and to use that as my license for a couple of weeks until their printer was fixed. She also took my phone number to call me when they were up and running again as well.

I went around the corner to Gecko Graphics on Buccaneer St. and they were able to do it right away for $3.00 BZD.

Here is a photo of my “Flintstones Size Belize Licence” 🙂

Belize Licence
To see what a “real” drivers licence looks like see my previous post on replacing a Belize Drivers Licence.

Money Saving Option

Gecko Graphics is a great place to get all your printing needs taken care of, but Marie, the owner, also does the Hot Guide Belize Website. In the past it was a printed coupon book that was given out to tourists at the airport upon arrival. Now, a convenient app called Belize Travel Guide – the website has a link directly to the app. Geared toward both travelers and the local population – who doesn’t like to save a few $$$? Some of the loyalty card “coupons” include Ak’bol, Delices de France, Finn & Martini, Palapa and Stax, just to name a few. All worth downloading it to help you save a few bucks or earn a free sub.

Downtown San Pedro

I will leave you with a few pictures from my morning walk.

Walking towards Town Council building
About to pass Gecko on the right after Lino’s Meat Shop
Belize Licence
San Pedro Town Council second building on the left
Belize Licence
Ground Floor Traffic Department
Gecko Graphics
Doubling back to get my receipt laminated at Gecko Graphics

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