San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Fishing San Pedro with Capt Jeff

Got a surprise phone call last night from Capt Jeff – he is back on the island and ready for more fishing san pedro. He had booked Peter Graniel’s boat and said Mitch and I should meet him and Maya at Estel’s for 6am breakfast.

I almost went for the snooze button twice today – 5am came to fast. As we were leaving for town we decided to grab our raincoats which turned out to be a good call – it started pouring before we even hit the main road. Over breakfast we talked and enjoyed the down pour – Maya had checked Doppler radar and saw that the stormy weather would pass quickly.

The water was incredible so clear and calm – definitly a great day to go fishing outside the reef. It always amazes me at how short a distance it is to get from San Pedro town out to the reef and to the south end of the island on our fishing excursions. No sitting in the car for a couple of hours waiting to get to the lake.

Saw a lot of sea life today including – bone fish – a big cubera snapper – barracuda -  needle fish – a turtle – 2 sharks – squid – 3 kinds of grouper – parrot fish and more. We took home some trigger fish and snapper fillets which Mitch cooked up for lunch.   Nothing like eating the fish you just caught that morning.

Shout out to Capt Jeff and everyone on the boat for a wonderful day.

Storm clouds

Storm clouds

Maya fishing

trigger fish

Capt Jeff catches a big one


Caribbean Sea

Water like glass

Calm water

Calm clear water

Capt Jeff and Maya

Maya and Mitch

Getting sardines


Amazing day

Peter Graniel

Gorgeous day


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