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Can’t stay away from Belize

Morning swimOut of everyone that has visited since we moved Ambergris Caye – Joanne is the one who keeps coming back the most. She hit town yesterday for a short visit – it was funny we ran into her and Mike getting gas on our way home from fishing with Capt Jeff.

The airlines had misplaced a bunch of luggage from Miami and the the 3 bags of donations she was bringing in did not make it here yet. So now on top of all the other plans on her short trip she has to sort out getting them here and hopefully not having to go back to Belize City to pick them up. Luckily her personal stuff made it. I agreed with Jo that the bags got delayed so she could have some vacation time in before sorting all the stuff out between Holy Cross – Saga – Ocean Academy on Caye Caulker and not sure who else. Cousin Erin always says  pack a swimsuit and tooth brush in your carry on and you will be fine – she has a good point.

When we got up this morning there was no water – Paul checked and we had paid them the $47.84 for last months bill so we know we weren’t cut off ha ha. He figures it was something to do with the planed power out coming this aft. I asked Dick on the coconut phone and he said he had some water but very low pressure. Jo said they had water but no power at Caribbean Villas.

Big excitement this morning aside from Mike and Jo coming swimming – I found out Coast to Coast is on twitter ha ha. Just trying to pick a show to listen to while I work. Jo and Mike agreed we would all get our stuff done first then we could go play for a bit. They are off to get cart checked for clanging noise and find out the status of the 3 bags of donations – everyone cross your fingers they get here quick and easy. I just added Ian Punnets Blog to my blog roll.

Jo and Mike are back now and Jo just got the call that she has to go to the mainland to get the stuff. She is on the phone now with Vernon letting him know what is going on and arranging for help if she needs it.

More to come

Jo learning her camera

Joanne has been butt dialing people since last night. Heather just said she heard her at the airport asking someone if they remembered her and that she was hot and needed a swim. While Jo was in Belize City, Mitch Mike and I went to say hi to Dick. He was working on the cart.

Plan is for everyone to get Shelly’s take out for dinner and watch the sunset from the roof.

Shout out to Carin from Jack – this sunset is for you.

Getting mango Juice at Maria's
Special Delivery
Ran into JD at Maya
Sunset on the roof
Mike and Jo

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