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Funny story

A funny thing happened while Mitch and I were shopping at Hariri today. The new owner stopped us both at different times and told us not go get the bag of fruit bits as they were expired – he also told Mitch he could not sell her milk as it was expired and talked about how he did not want anyone to fall ill as a result. Now anyone who has lived or vacationed on Ambergris Caye is well aware of the need to check expiry dates when buying stuff and how rare it is for shop owners to speak up and not let you buy something when the date is past. What made it even funner to me is after we got home is I pulled out the news paper I had just bought and Paul pointed out it was 3 weeks old.

Thanks for the email reminder Michele – Taste of Playa is coming up fast. In case you missed my previous post mentioning it – you can easily keep up to date on the latest info through Taste of Playa blog which is listed under Mexico blogs to the right. Check out this  update with a slick video clip featuring Michele Kinon talking about the event.

Another interesting email came from Ambergris Vacations . Looks like they are kicking into high gear with a posting competition – prizes include a free week stay. You can find out more on Ambergris Vacations forum.

Shout out to Harold from Alberta Canada Thanks for the nice comment on my La Vida Idealist post this week.

Taste of Playa

7 thoughts on “Funny story

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi William – I agree and it seems he has started doing that slowly because there was no milk in the fridge or on shelves when Mitch asked for it and he said he took it out cause it was expired.

  2. william says:

    Hmmmm……wouldn’t be easier for the new owner to simply remove the expired goods from the store? Just a thought.

  3. tacogirl says:

    That is to bad you are out by one day Remo. Wow to Nova Scotia – good everyone you know is fine. I did know KP not well though but he used to come to Pedro’s sometimes. Cheers

    Gotravel I agree on checking dates and try not to be lazy about it – got stuck with old yogurt once lol.

  4. Remo says:

    Wow!! Now that is RARE indeed for a shop owner to do that. Too funny:)

    I will be arriving in Playa del Carmen on Sept 6th and looks like I will miss the taste of playa festival:(

    On another note, don’t you find it ironic that the first Hurricane of the season hits Nova Scotia of all places? lol!!

    Managed to call and speak with my friends and family there and all are fine. Whew!

    Oh and tacogirl did you know killpatrick (American guy) that died around Valentines day of 2009? Funeral was held at sea off Ramon’s Village Resort? Just curious…


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