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Extreme Downtime with Zac

Both Dr Al [who set my curfew for 11:00pm] and Zac firmly believe it is important to get enough Extreme Downtime. After the rush of lobsterfest I knew I still needed more  so I cut my work day short at 6 or so hours and went for a 12:30pm Healthy Belize massage with Zac. I ended up being on the table at least couple of hours if not more. I lost track of time as we were having some really good conversation while he was working on me. We were both  making breakthroughs and connecting dots.

The focus was on my upper body today and I was very aware of how much I needed the treatment when Zac put pressure on specific trigger points and I could feel it all the way down my arm and sometimes in the form of pins and needles sensation. He said it is like my muscles are all glued together and he worked to loosen them up and encouraged me to get back to the full body stretch and the arm exercises he showed me. He also reminded me to get back to cleaner eating with a delicious bowl of vegetable fish soup afterward.

I will get caught up on the block party and lobstermania asap got some great pictures of the pool party and swimsuit contest. Thanks again to Belikin Beer and One Barrel Rum for sponsorship and prizes for pool repay races and facebook giveaways.  Tropic Air, Banana Beach, Seaduced, Fido’s and Asian Garden Day Spa for providing great swimsuit contest prizes.

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Stunning San Pedro sunset
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Crown of Glory by Healthy Belize
belize massage
Dreamy Sunset by Healthy Belize
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Peaceful Glow by Healthy Belize
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Streaming by Healthy Belize

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