2012 San Pedro Lobsterfest Belize

Flash back to June 23rd the night of the big block party and I am packing my bag, Maureen Tracy and I are all heading up to stay at Grand Caribe Resort afterward and I can’t wait. Cowboy thought it would be easier to start Lobstermaina party from there instead of carting all my party stuff there in the morning. Maureen and Tracy already dropped off a load of our gear and she called me from the condo with a very excited report about the king size bed and shower bench. I had told her and Tracy they could have the Master and I would take the Ricky and Lucy room – twin beds. Now I just need to find a Ricky as Paul is unfortunately not able to join us. He is going full tilt, having served breakfast to Guatemalan Children on Ambergris Caye for the youth sailing races at 7:00am, working the block party and the Liberty fundraiser the next morning. I am finally got my ADD self [officially diagnosed today] back to lobsterfest post – several days after I started it. My plan is to  see how far I can get on the pictures and the story will follow. It is turning into one of those days where I cannot help bouncing around like a ping pong ball, I have a webinar at 11:00am and more cleaning to do before then head to town to do errands. To top it all off I am still feeling the after effects of not being ready to have come home from Grand Caribe yet. Same as many of you feel when you have to leave Belize and make the trip home. View below from the Master Bedroom in H4 and for shared veranda with living room. Our condo was so worth going AWOL and taking a longer break from blogging, still had to run the party and keep up with emails so not a total vacation 🙁

Grand Caribe Belize
View from H4 at Grand Caribe Resort

I will leave you with the pictures from 2012  Lobsterfest Block party and a congratulations to Lori who won the grand prize a loot bag full of  prizes starting with Tropic flights and Ultimate Golf Cart Rentals, followed by sleepovers at  Banana Beach Resort and Ramon€™s Village. Lori and Ted will also be enjoying delicious food from Mambo Restaurant at Mata Chica Resort, Victoria House Resort, Fido’s and a favorite view to many – the Palapa Bar. Well Done Lori all your passport stamping paid off, and good you get to cash in on your wife’s good fortune Ted. I can already see you guys and the Callanans  living it up at 2013 San Pedro Lobsterfest 🙂 It took a while but I am back with the 2012 Lobsterfest blogs and the first of the Lobsterfest closing party pictures. My write up still to come. What a Great First Lobsterfest!!!  by Taking Belize Blog Lobsterfest closing party at Cowboy Doug’s by Be Belize

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