Lobstermainia pool party at Cowboy Doug’s Grill

I finally got a start on editing the Lobstermania pool party pictures. I was hoping to get further along but I still have to make dinner and get back to town for the Red Cross Community meeting at 7:00pm Town Hall.

We had such a great time staying up at Grand Caribe for the party and a few days after. Sunday kept me running for sure. I did not get to spend as much chat time as I would have liked, but it was a super fun day.

Trace was on blow up details and Cowboy helped him get to the compressor to make the job faster, Rhonda from Morning Matters did a great job Announcing and Maureen was helping her. They both helped keep me on track for timing of the games and races. It was so nice that we could all go back to H4 for a few minutes of down time while we recharged our tech gear.

I was so ready to get a hunk of that Belize Beef but due to all my running around doing party schedule, I never got my order into Sir Andrew in time, missed the grilled lobster tails too. I did end up with a huge plate of ribs, not bad for a plan b option. Both Karaoke Joe and Jonathan looked like they were enjoying their bone in rib eye steaks.

More to come.

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