Enjoying Sunday on Monday and the Yummiest Sweet Treats

by tacogirl
where to go in belize

Because I spent a good portion of Sunday at my desk, I decided to make Monday, funday. First off came sleeping in. It was extremely satisfying taking time to enjoy a blissful morning in bed.

I did have one business errand but quickly got back to fun. After a fast stop at the Belize Tourism Board office above the library, I could not resist walking 2 doors over to get my morning iced coffee fix with a chcochino at the Belize Chocolate Company.

On my way home I decided to stop by and visit my friend Dick, which turned into a spur of the moment decision to drop off a button down shirt to Jack, get Dick a 5-gallon water at the distributor and go grocery shopping. That quickly turned into a joyride around town looking at land and boats. Since we opted for the beach road, I decided to detour us to Ice and Beans at Sandbar Beachfront Hostel to get another iced coffee and mini doughnuts. They are super delicious, made fresh on the spot and totally worth stopping by for. While there we shared a rum ball too. Also yummy but a bit to rummy for my taste.

If you are reading this post chances are, you are either missing Belize, excited for your first trip to this wonderful country or happy to be living here. In light of that, I thought you would enjoy a video of driving down the boat road along the lagoon followed by Back Street, a few Belize pictures, and a final thought.

There is an old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” I say sometimes “a picture is worth a thousand cravings.” After uploading doughnut shot I felt like I could have eaten about 2 bags of them, and a blended chocolate banana iced coffee.

where to go in belize

Blended iced coffee and mini doughnuts made before your eyes.

where to go in belize

Perfect view to enjoy our donuts and coffee

where to go in belize

The road that goes along the lagoon in town

belize pictures

Nice wood boat

belize pictures

Big green Iguana

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