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Life in Belize Still Surprises Me Some Days

After living in Belize all these years, I still get surprised sometimes when someone’s service goes above and beyond what I would expect at a particular place. Today I was looking for a dress and when I found one I liked, the woman said I should try it on.

I was pretty sure it would be too big as I am medium and the dress was a large but since I loved the color and fabric, I decided to give it a go. I was right and the dress was too big. Right away the sales girl said that the seamstress could alter it for me and they immediately pinned and started tailoring my dress.

When I asked how much the sales girl said “nothing, she often fixes clothing customers are buying for free.” I will let you know how it turned out and If I like how the dress ends up. I will also find out if she does paid alterations as well for stuff people already own but need fixing.

Pictures and Weather

I decided to take a random assortment of pics with my nexus 5 phone camera for this post. The first and last boat pictures speak to the warm temperatures we have been given lately. It has been hot flash weather the past two days. Today especially with the temp at 29°C or  85°F – feeling like 96 degrees in the shade and hot hot hot.  The second 2 pics are of the seamstress fixing my dress and the store, the third one is me stopping for 2 chicken legs on my way home.

These last two portrait pics are ones I took on my recent flight from Belize City to Ambergris Caye. I always find flying so peaceful especially at sunset.

belize weather

belize weather

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