Easter 2021 on Ambergris Caye

A Taste of Easter on Ambergris Caye

On Easter Sunday, I was planning to go visit my sailing friends and watch the 10:00 am races from the dock at Banyan Bay Resort. However, the forces of nature took over, between gray skies, laundry, and 90 Day Fiance marathon on TLC – it was easy to get sidetracked.

The picture below was taken on a different race day, and I included it as a colorful taster of the Caribbean Sea view so many of you have come to love. Sailing races happen Sundays at 10:00 am (weather permitting) at the Belize Sailing Center (on google maps) if you are looking for something fun to watch.

Easter 2021 on Ambergris Caye

As you can see below, our reality was dark morning skies which gave us a short rain later that afternoon. Perfect relaxing weather and being Easter, I went back to my childhood tradition – sweets for breakfast. I started my day, with a cool, creamy, treat from one of my two easter bunnies – black cherry frozen custard 😀 As a kid, my brother and I would do our hunt and then I would fall back into bed contently after eating a pair of bunny ears. This meant waking up with a stomach ache but much like Homer Simpson, I was willing to do it again the next year. Thanks to our awesome mom, my brother and I always got a big variety of Laura Secord Chocolates. Yummy solid bunnies, large hollow ones, milk chocolate eggs, lollipops, and more.

Easter 2021 on Ambergris Caye

While finishing up my laundry, I heard the familiar sound of a machete hitting a palm tree. I peeked around the corner to watch a branch and some coconuts getting cut. Someone was hopefully getting a fresh coconut water Easter treat and if nothing else, the chop job keeps us safe. My two holiday backgammon buddies and I heard a loud thud recently as a coconut dropped not far from us at Sandbar restaurant. They fall fast & hit hard.

Easter 2021 on Ambergris Caye

I had every intention of cooking but since Easter is a day of treats, I figured why not treat myself? To make it easy, I went for some tasty fried chicken and french fries from Liu’s Fast Food – $8 bzd. My meal was ready in about 10 minutes. Just enough time to cross the road and catch a picture of a rare headless dog in front of the walk-up window 😀 Just kidding it only looks that way and is close enough to April Fools’ to count. Plus both my editors are SAGA supporters and they found it extremely funny I would surprise them with such a funny dog picture.

Easter 2021 on Ambergris Caye

The best part about my meal aside from the fresh oil that made it perfectly crispy; was the bright sunset I caught on my way there. By the time I got home, the commercial break was over and I was just in time for the new 90-day – episode 17. The show is still on season 8 with the Belize/American couple, and next week is part one of a two-part tell-all. (If you have not already seen it, my “6 degrees of separation with 90 Day Fiance” is also a humorous read.)

TV Tip: For those of you in Belize or elsewhere with a: VPN, smart tv, firestick, or firestick 4k and are looking for a free live tv streaming option – try ustvgo. It’s as simple as downloading the Firefox, Chrome or Silk browser on your tv from the app store and then just type in The TV App URL. I have been cable bill-free for over 2 years now and still loving it. If you need a low-cost VPN, I use surfshark which offers use on unlimited devices. It was available in my tv app store and easily downloadable on my laptop and phone.

Easter 2021 on Ambergris Caye

As we travel back through the holiday weekend, Easter Saturday was a fun-filled moment at the Belize Chocolate Company. I enjoyed a dark chocolate-covered island crunch, a chocochino, and backgammon with Mike and Patty. We stayed for a few fast games and went our separate ways. Patty was off to a sailing lesson, Mike had basketball to watch and I was happy to enjoy some quality me-time with my backgammon app as the boards were really good that day.

Belize Chocolate

Time-traveling back to Good Friday, and it was definitely good. Nothing better than a delicious frozen treat and you guessed it, backgammon with Patty and Mike. The funny part is, I almost invited Patty to meet us for a game or two at DandE’s custard shop. In the end, I decided not to. We weren’t going to be there long and it was short notice for her to drive to town.

Fast forward a 15 minute walk down the beach. I had asked for special permission to be inside, and as the owner (and our friend) Eileen was letting us in, who was standing by the sink?! – Patty 😀

Easter 2021 on Ambergris Caye

I started my Easter weekend fun on Holy Thursday with my friends Aileen and Mike at the Belize Sailing Center (BSC). Patty was there too, along with BSC owner Cindy, her mom Cherie and a few others. My goal was to make a kite, with Evrald the sailing instructor’s supervision. Mike and Aileen were smart and posed for pics with the demo model. Of course, my friend Cindy’s store-bought kite caught wind better than my short stringed low flyer circled in yellow. In case you are wondering about the red pile on top of my kite; it’s the crepe paper tails that are supposed to help it fly stably 😀

Easter 2021 on Ambergris Caye

Kite making was quick and as we were leaving, we had to wait till a sargasso truck passed us by. A few businesses are working hard to stay on top of it and keep our beaches clean.

Sargasso in Belize

Later that day I walked the 260 steps to Wayo’s soft opening. (I knew the distance as my friend Randy counted with his wife Aileen on the way there. We all laughed about it walking back to our building – Casa del Rai.)

On my way there I stopped one dock over to take some pictures of the bar. I also caught sight of an interesting species of pufferfish from the Tetraodontidae family.

Marine life Belize

Back to the bar! The new Wayo’s is also over the water, and just a bit north of the old one (which is now the Ugly Duck.)

Belize Beach Bar

Of course, I knew there are many of you not in Belize who would want to see Wayo. He is happy to be back in the beach bar business and ready to greet you with his smiling face.

Belize Beach Bar

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