Gypsy Restaurant

A Soulful Adventure at Gypsy Restaurant

Friday evening San Pedro was treated to Nautical Bohemia, a fine art exhibit featuring the works of Mpulse studio. The event was held from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm at Gypsy Restaurant in Boca del Rio, a perfect secluded open-air venue. The night before, I had messaged Margaret (my friend and the artist) that I was going to be doing the early bird special and bringing a couple more cheerleaders, so her show was busy from the start 😀 Jack and Mike were in, and my friend Rita also had a similar idea to go early. It was perfect because we got to enjoy a quiet moment before more people showed up.

Gypsy Restaurant

Three cheers to Mpulse Studio for deciding to organize a great art show when we needed something different to enjoy, and to Gypsy Restaurant & Cocktail Boutique for being a great host. They offered us complimentary “the boom” shots (a secret spicy mango concoction) and as always, the food was delicious, as you will see below.

Gypsy Restaurant

I chose this picture of Margaret posing in front of her big Belize map as the first piece to show you as it is a fitting representation of her intention behind the exhibit. Nautical Bohemia is about inspiring us to fall in love with adventure. I know many of you have already fallen in love with the adventure of Belize, and are hungry for more.

Belize Map Art

I particularly liked the blue sapphire – my birthstone. The gemstone series is symbolic of the fact that we’re all treasures. Margaret explained how there is another layer to the sapphire stone in particular. It represents the deep blue color of the Caribbean Sea outside the reef where the water can get really rough. Being there can feel very scary and absolutely breathtaking at the same time. It symbolizes how we can find beauty in our fear and a reminder that when we face it, we’re going to come out empowered and exhilarated in the end.

Gypsy Restaurant

A unique feature of this art collection is that it’s painted on retired sailcloth from No Rush, a favorite Ambergris Caye sailing option to many locals and travelers. I have enjoyed time on that boat and I love that she incorporated that experience into her work.

Sailcloth Art Belize

A couple of the pieces also had a message within them to connect us with the profound emotion and the feeling within our hearts. “A beautiful adventure exists in the depths of your soul. Don’t ignore it. Don’t fight it. Fall in love with it” – Nautical Bohemia by Margaret Hulse.

Gypsy Restaurant

Rise like the sun and stay Golden was the other great message, especially during these turbulent times. It strengthens people’s awareness of the simplicity in emulating nature when life gets tough. The Sun does not doubt itself or its purpose, it just does. It also gives us insight into the spirit of the artist, she definitely has a golden spirit and is making a positive impact in this world through her work.

Sailcloth Art Ambergris Caye Belize

Onto the other best part of the night – the food 😀 Our other friend Madison was supposed to come as well but had to change plans last minute. While I wished she would have joined us, her absence worked out for my first menu choice as three smoked pulled pork sliders come on a plate. Had she been there I would have picked differently – likely orange peel rub riblets.

Gypsy Restaurant San Pedro Belize

I decided to take one last picture on our way out to give you a better idea of the lay of the land. If you have not been to Gypsy Restaurant, definitely put it on your to-do list. The friendly staff, delicious food, and colorful atmosphere make it an ambient hidden treasure in Boca del Rio. For visual directions, it’s in the building with the white picket fence in the featured image and easily findable on google maps.

Gypsy Restaurant

3 thoughts on “A Soulful Adventure at Gypsy Restaurant

  1. Clay Pederson says:

    Laurie, great blog (news). Looked like great fun. I wanted to mention a little hotel on Caulker named Jan’s hotel. They were great people especially Shree(manager)Leroy and
    And Enoch. The place was imaculate and right on the beach with very reasonable price wise
    My daughters neighbors in North Carolina are coming to f Ambergris In June I gave my daughter your contact info for them.
    Best Clay

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