December in Belize

Don’t Let Rain Get in the Way of Parties

I mentioned to you in this month’s events Calendar that December in Belize is a busy time of year, so much so that it’s looking like I will add a second calendar of events next week once I find a few more. 

Here are two of the recent parties that happened on Ambergris. Both for great businesses, one was a fundraiser and one was an anniversary. I have also included weather at the bottom, as indicated by the title we have been getting rainfall and a bit of winter is on the way this weekend.

Sunday Salon Party

The Glamor Shots party at CG Esthetic Fundraiser was a big hit for the second year in a row. The event was from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm $4091 was collected to benefit Raise Me Up; an organization that is helping the children in San Pedro have a safe environment to live in.

Many came to participate in a personal photo shoot and had their hair, nails and make-up done. Others came because they were ready for a good party with food, drink, great live music, jewelry and tarot card readings in support of a great cause.

The $5 clothes swap was a big hit and many girls walked away with some great items. All the leftovers will be donated to people in need.

In addition to donating acupuncture, Robert Novak also helped sell lots of 50/50 tickets. Pepper Carpenter was the lucky winner.

The silent auction bundles were also a hit. Local businesses and individuals stepped up to help make the event a success and gave some great donations which Marlene of Marbucks and Carole bundled together. Thanks go to: Tropic Air, Dive Bar, Marbucks, Daydreamin Bed and Breakfast, Rain Restaurant, The Baker, Robert Novak Acupuncture, Vicky Ellias Restore Massage, Bernadette Damper, Coco Loco’s, Pirates Pizza, Ak’Bol Yoga, Black Orchid Restaurant, Madison Stone Derma planning , Have Fun Stay Fit, Heather Bendjy Jewelry, Island Life Teeth Whitening, Pampered Paws, Banana Beach Resort, Dawn of Rodan + Fields, The French Touch, Ocean Breeze Cart Rentals, and Mermaid Store.

A great ending to a fabulous party. After the champagne toast celebrating a job well done, one of the girls stepped outside for a minute and noticed a rainbow. It was not long before we all went up on Carole’s Veranda to get a better view.

Raise Me Up Fundraiser

Raise Me Up Fundraiser San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize
Ambergris Caye Salon
December in Belize

 Friday Night Fun

Rock Star that she is, Judyann Horton, co-owner of the popular Black Orchid Restaurant decided to snap a few pictures for me of the big Wine de Vine party. Since she attended the affair I asked if she would not mind doing a short blurb as well. From Judyann:

Such a pleasant surprise to be invited to the 15th annual Wine de Vine Cocktail party. With the road blocked off and sporting my green wristband, I arrived just before 6 pm to find a beautifully decorated venue sprawling the street in front of the well-known location just south of Ramon’s Village. Flor and the rest of the Wine De Vine staff were in formal attire. Along with incredibly sweet sangria and delectable appetizers, it was a lovely evening of socializing with friends and colleagues. An added touch included music which sparked a few dancing couples. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I look forward to the 16th annual party…

To see pics of the party in full swing and read about the new changes, click through on Bound for Belize Blog write up by Robert Hawkins.

December Weather

Weekend rain has been a bit of a thing this fall, and for first weekend December the pattern has continued. Thankfully it held off for the start of the Wine de Vine party. Although the tent was quite big, my editor Shirlee told me that when she passed by the guests were all mingling under one area to avoid an edge of tent shower spray.

The rain that happened during the first party mentioned above didn’t amount to much and seeing the rainbow afterward was totally worth it.

This weekend is looking like sweater weather, with highs in the 70’s (°F) or mid 20’s (°C) and lows around 65 (°F) or 18 (°C) – BRRRRR 😀 While those numbers may feel cold to those of us that live here, it will be perfect for travelers from places with serious winter conditions. I still remember how cold I felt at the farmhouse back in Canada on the last days before moving here almost 12 years ago – my Jan 3rd Island anniversary coming up fast.

I will leave you with a tropical Christmas picture in case you need a little encouragement booking your flight to Belize this Holiday Season.

December in Belize

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