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Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover

When we were walking home from town yesterday I told Dennis I wanted to go to the last roadside fruit stand across from Banyan Bay to get some mini plums on our way home. They have become one of my favorite healthy treats while cleansing – a cheap snack at $2 a bad. When we stopped there I saw some corn on the cob that was still in the husk and looked really good since I had been I had been craving corn recently so I decided to get some. Usually I buy the package kind here that is partially husked an it has never let me down on taste. In this case looks were deceiving, after we cooked it we found out it was cow corn and not so tasty. Instead of throwing it away, we decided to blenderize when we make our squash soup.

belize food
Sadly it turned out to be cow corn
belize food
Conch soup from El Fogon
san pedro belize
Sweet ride
 american crocodiles are belize animals
Crocodile guarding the veranda
belize beaches
I would love to be the person on that table getting a massage on the beach right now

8 thoughts on “Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover

  1. Dr Al says:

    Not to worry Emily. Your average croc does not do a toxic cleanse and would turn their snouts up at cow corn squash soup supreme. Blech.

  2. tacogirl says:

    True Emily and thanks for bringing it up. That was a bad joke for Dr Al. Actually not seen the croc in our canal for a while but saw a big bunch of tarpon circling the other day.

  3. Emily says:

    Don’t feed the crocs! I know you know this, tg, but some tourists might not. Like with bears, when humans feed them, it encourages them to come up on to land looking for more of the food. That’s when people’s pets go missing.

  4. tacogirl says:

    The body’s own detoxification systems are not remarkably sophisticated and versatile enough to handle continuous junk food eating hence taking a normal, natural break to consistently eat healthy. Nothing wrong with that and it has proven to be beneficial. As for hiding the cow corn in coconut curry squash soup it was either that or throw it to the crocodiles in the lagoon ha ha. That may still be a possibility once we start cooking.

  5. Dr Al says:

    Blended cow corn and squash soup. Yummm. Tell me homie what is it that you are cleansing exactly? Spiritual purification I can understand. eg from the Bhagavad gita: ” If the eye of thy mind were undimmed, thou couldst see the glory and the power of truth” A bit metaphysical for me but I can see the merit. Or “many will be purged, purified and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand, but those who have insight will understand.” Daniel 12:10 That makes good sense. If you are engaged in a physiological cleanse however the body’s own detoxification systems are remarkably sophisticated and versatile. They have to be, as the natural environment that we evolved in is hostile. It is remarkable that people are prepared to risk seriously disrupting these systems with unproven ‘detox’ diets, which could well do more harm than good. So head on over to Wade for a juicy gringo burger and that rib guy from Jamaica you mentioned and enjoy yourself. Oh and iced coffee.

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