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Living in Belize

Winding Down and Getting Busy San Pedro Belize


It is day 8 of our cleanse and Dennis and I have officially started winding down  and adding a bit more to our diet. We actually started that yesterday by going for foodie happy hour at Aji Restaurant and enjoyed some delicious fish tacos – can’t Imagine anything Hugo cooks being bad. They wefe served 3 to a plate with fresh fruit on the side and a great deal for $10 bzd.

Today’s winding down treat was some Soprasata in our backyard from Wine De Vine. The owners of the duplex where we live had invited a few people over for pool time, margaritas and tapas this aft, so we joined then when we got home from our errand run.

We had to do town so Dennis could settle up with Chuck and Robbie’s dive shop, he is busy with a few last minute things to sake care of before he leaves Monday. It was a super hot day, the kind where your shower lasts 5 minutes if that. Luckily we ran into Jim, Phoebe and Zeke at the Baker and hitched a ride to the turning circle. That saved us about a mile and a half walk and it was nice to catch up with the Blackburn’s, they own a condo at Grand Caribe and do Belize for 6 months at a time. After Dennis squared up at the dive shop, we chatted with Robbie for a bit and headed down the beach where we ran into Orillio. He is back in town for a few months to sell his wood carvings, his work is really nice so be sure and check it out if you are looking for souvenirs.

My learn something new every day moment came from Dennis after we stopped for fresh flowers at the Candle Garden – 3 stems of orange lilies $18 bzd. I knew that cutting the stems on an angle was a good thing to do, I did not know that you should be making that cut under water as the stem sucks up water while you are cutting. I also did not know that carrying your flowers upside down especially on a hot sunny San Pedro day draws the water in the stem to the flowers keeping them fresher.

dive belize

Chuck and Robbie’s Dive shop

best diving in belize

View from Chuck and Robbie’s Dive shop

belize diving services

Lola’s dives at Chuck and Robbie’s

belize diving services

Chuck and Robbie’s Dive shop

belize beaches

Orillio and Dennis chatting on the beach

belize shop

Orange Lily’s from Candle Garden

cheap hotel belize

Ricardo and Walter working on the new Smoking Palapa at Pedro’s Hotel



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  1. tacogirl February 27, 2013

    Thanks Charlotte,been working hard to improve my point and shoot skills.

  2. Charlotte February 26, 2013

    Ahhh. Beautiful pictures.


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