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Living in Belize

Difficult Reentry


It was a difficult reentry into the waking world this morning.  I bounced out of a deep dream where I was on a massive cruise ship. I remember taking the elevator to the 59th floor and sharing a large suite with some other people. The funniest part is when I was waiting for the elevator to come I passed on a couple of them because other people were getting on. I remember wanting to have the elevator all to myself so I could try Gaz Coopers advice on getting the elevator to go right to your floor without making stops – he left in real life on my useful tips post.

7:40 am we just lost power – thankfully it is the whole building and not just us. We still have not resolved the issue of the last 2 months and them turning off our power suddenly and making us do the work to get it restored. Last months BEL bill seemed on the high side for us.  $288.68 bzd – I know we had company. That lasted about 20 minutes and our router/net came back on very fast after the power did.

I was doing some routine maintenance on my lap top today and figured a good scan was in order so I downloaded Spybot Search and Destroy from cnet download.com. This website my most trusted source to get such things and Spybot has always done me well so I figured I would share link and info with you. If anyone has a better recomend that Spybot or any other  cool geek stuff like this that they recommend please leave comment.

Watching Celebrity Rehab this aft – it is a really good one this season and I am learning a lot about people through watching the cast go through their experiences.  Earlier I got chatting a longtime friend/roommate about a mutual f/r we had. He told me how our friend is trying again to get sober. So many of us had hopes that he somehow would manage to break through and want it  – sadly we both know he is not doing it for himself and that makes it difficult to succeed. This guy was super talented – shame to see that lost. I cannot even fathom what life must feel like when you reach the point of drinking rubbing alcohol. Now you all know another piece of my puzzle. Aside from having lost tolerance for it and alcohol making me feel ill more often than not – I have hung out / lived with some pretty hardcore alcoholics along the way. Some are no longer with us – some have managed to do well and find their balance – some are  in a sharp downward spiral.

I have decided that while I will let loose and get tipsy once in a while (like Monday night) – getting drunk is just not worth the payoff (nothing against those who like to imbibe).

Shout out to Billy and Dorry – we miss you.

Major Update from Direct Abundance – Less than 24 hours since the workshop yesterday a piece of land was donated in San Pedrito Area for a Woman’s Shelter.

Batten down the hatches it’s getting Stormy in San Pedro tonight.

Out for a walk


  1. tacogirl February 26, 2010

    Thanks for the site and the compliment Corozal Dave.

  2. Corozal Dave February 26, 2010

    Another good one is http://www.ccleaner.com/…also must add I enjoy your blog

  3. tacogirl February 25, 2010

    Sure is amazing news big Erin – I think the woman’s name was Anna or Hanna.

  4. big E February 24, 2010

    wow that is AMAZING NEWS!
    who made this possible?

    many blessings

  5. tacogirl February 24, 2010

    Forgot about Ad-aware I used that on my old lap top. That is good to know about the [at] [dot] thing I guess it was only a matter of time.

  6. Carbunkle Trumpe February 24, 2010

    Also go to cnet and download Malware bytes, and Ad-aware as they are also very good. My pooter guru (some longhaired hippie that only takes cash) has me on a couple different virus software thingies as I have really gotten a lot of crap from my resume being on line. Also he said that hackers are catching on to people who use symbols for emails like this;


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