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“One Barrel” FREE rum night

I Knew it would be a good opportunity to catch up with all our message board friends at the Boogie “One Barrel Rum” party at Pedro’s Pizza and I was not disappointed. We listened to great live music – laughed a lot – ate good food and otter drunk texted Carbunkle. What more could you want from a party.

I have been having a major issue sizing party pics as I recently lost the trial version of windows picture manager. My current replacement has me sizing pics one at a time so what I am wanting to do will take me an hour versus 30 it should take to do them all at once.   It is making me grumpy! My temporary solution is to use the primary gallery that does the pics in box stile till I get it sorted.

Thanks to Marty who suggested Irfanview – I was able to get my work done. Worth checking out the whole post on his message board as a few others have offered suggestions as well. I also got a suggestion from Pedro’s forum too as I made same post there.


  1. Thanks Zac – was a great night for live music.

  2. Great Shots Laurie, thanks for all that you do. I had a great time, in the words of Niel Young, my fellow Canadian– Live Music is Better! Zac

  3. Thanks Otter. Was great seeing you and Mary again. We tried to get to see you once more at Estel’s but the timing just did not work out. Guess you will have to come back again 🙂

  4. great times! Fantastic pics tacogirl!

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