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Adios Amigos

Today we lost a few good ones… Travelqueen – Travel Princess – Nova – Ted Dita and Ed all left the island. Tq – Tp and I went for breakfast in town – since Estel’s is closed Tuesdays we decided on the Omelete bar at Sail Away Cafe. Ran into a bunch of boarders along the way and got to day good bye to the Novanuts and Dita & Ed. As always it was too short but I am glad we got to see everyone a few times.

Jana watching her omelete get cooked at Sail Aeay Cafe

Breakfast at Sail Away Cafe

I knew I needed to eat before going to the Lions Den or I would not be able to concentrate. Time was the issue though – the Tacklebox barbecue fundraiser started at 6pm and the workshop at 6:30pm. I popped Zippy on the coconut phone to find out if it was doable. She said she would go ask John about timing and what follows was the funny conversation we had…

Me – wondering if bbq will be ready at 6 or if that is when he starts cooking
Zippy – he just started… I would bank on 6.15
Me – want to support that one but have to be at lions den for 6:30 and need to eat first
Zippy – hang on…i’ll go ask him
Me – ok ty
Zippy – i just asked “really? 6?” and he said YEAH!
Zippy – and I said 30 mins?
Zippy – and he said “oh no my dear…45”
Zippy – so up to you guys…though I’ve never known a town meeting to start on time either!
Me – lol maybe I will have to do a grab and go
Zippy – ha
Me – otherwise it will be a taco if the stand is open
Zippy – John is making LOTS of chicken…

Needless to say I ended up getting my chicken and we were a few minutes late to the workshop which ended up starting on time.

John cooking Barbecue

Paul and John

Members of the community met at the Lions Den tonight for United Against Abuse San Pedro. The workshop was led by Joanne O’brien of Direct Abundance and the goal was to help raise awareness about the need for changes in the system to help eradicate domestic violence. The long range goal is to build model shelters in San Pedro and each district on the mainland.

Until the shelter can be build here on the island there is a plan in the works to start making monthly counseling services available to Women Children and men so that those in abusive situations can get the help they need. It was also discussed how impactful the United Against Abuse workshop was at the prison and how the male prisoners were very receptive to the workshop and agreed that there is a flaw in the system and it needs to be fixed.

There is a petition going around town for people to sign in support of eradicating Domestic Violence here in San Pedro as well as all of Belize. If you wish to know more or help get involved in away way please contact Joanne’ Obrien at

United Against Abuse workshop


Members of the comunity talking after the workshop

Exchanging contact information

I know some of you are wondering what flat Carbunkle has been up to. With all his friends coming and going he was a bit worn out so he decided to put on his favorite fancy crown that matches his pink speedo and go for the gold in couch surfing while watching the Olympics tonight.

Flat Carbunkle

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Laurie- Thanks for showing Brian and I around and having lunch with us. You do an awesome job and it was great meeting you. Maybe we’ll be back soon. Love the Island

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