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Bon Voyage Party

It’s that time of year again when the great message board phenomenon takes over the island. People who have met on the internet travel from far and wide to¬† hang out with each other in San Pedro Belize. We always like to have a big party to celebrate and since a Sunset Cruise made it on the agenda by popular request I decided to combine the two and throw a big party at Tropic Air Bar 208 and then do the sunset cruise.

Whether you are catching a plane or not – Bar 208 a great spot to hang out and perfect place to have a party. It was a blast meeting up with all the message boarders there. The appetizers were delicious and Gary and his staff took great care of us making sure everyone had a full glass. Buzzbean and Karen your cake was a big hit and everyone says thanks for thinking of them – diamond cake topper was courtesy of Sowders fine Gems.

Sunset cruise was so good that people were ready to bribe the boat crew to try and keep us on the water longer. We made it south in good time to watch a brilliant sunset Рnothing like chillin  on the Seaduction with good friends.

We stopped for a quick top up at BC’s and then it was off to the skydiver party at Crazy Canucks which was totally rockin.


  1. Yes great place to have a party. Definitely will go back there again.

  2. Bar 208 was so fun and i agree that the cake and also food Gary provided, was yummmmmy!!!!

  3. Must be the pink Sparkly speedo Carbunkle – irresistible.

    Thanks Rhonda.

  4. What great pictures!

  5. I have often thought that I was liquid crack but I had no idea so many had man crushes on me!

  6. Great pix…fun times!

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