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Day trip to Corozal part 1

Most people pass through Corozal Town n their way to Mexico and would say there is not much going there. Having passed through several times I kind of thought that too. I decided the best way to visit Corozal was to meet someone there to show me around. Cathie and I were back and forth in a post on Expat Blog forum and  I decided to to private message her and plan a trip to meet her in person.

After meeting up at her house, we walked down to the Sea Breeze Hotel for a delicious $8 bzd breakfast. They also have cheap rooms there, I did not see inside one, but the rest of the place looks clean, Gwyn and his staff were all nice.

My first gallery is acting up and pictures are coming up out of order. I am off to a special Birthday lunch at Pedro’s. Will fix it later if technology lets me lol.

St Francis Xavier School has artwork painted all along the fence  depicting when different cultural groups settled in Belize.

The next pics are all shopping and sightseeing in Corozal. Cathy’s friend Holly met us after breakfast and we walked around town and got the grand tour. We went to Tortilla Rony’s a local shop which sells all kinds of things but what caught my eye were his gourmet flavored tortilla chips. Next we hit the Gabriel Hoare Market which sells everything from fruits, vegetables meat, fish and clothing. We also stopped by  the Town Hall, which is a  sight worth seeing  for the large colorful mural inside. It was painted by the Belizean Mexican artist Manual Villamore and shows the rich history of Corozal.

One of my favorite parts was walking into Cinty’s store and hearing a familiar voice on tv. I looked up n the corner in amidst a bunch of stuff and saw Rhonda Crichton hosting My morning Matters tv show. As you can see by my pics I saw a few funny things on the shelves. I also thought it a bit off [not really] that D’s store had coffee, terro ant killer and Kool Aid  and cable splitters for their counter display.

9 thoughts on “Day trip to Corozal part 1

  1. tacogirl says:

    I just took 2 more vitamin c, ate half a ham sandwich, answered a few email to keep up and going back to bed for a bit. Pictures for Part 2 are loaded, I just have to clear my head so I can write 🙂

  2. Dr Al says:

    That is unfortunate. Well as your personal ( and free I might add) medical advisor, I suggest 2 moringa capsules in the am along with 1000 mg of vitamin C. And some sudafed maybe 60 mg/day. Failing that a colonic purge . 🙂

  3. Dr Al says:

    Charlotte and I are waiting anxiously for Part II. Get with it please. Also on your weather display it reports the max temp for the day of 33 C but the minimum ( only found on Antarctica iin winter btw) as -89C. Please look into this Ty .

  4. Charlotte says:

    I actually like to visit Corozal. It has such a charming small town feel. I even feel safe walking around at night.

  5. Dr Al says:

    Corozal is the most popular Belize retirement destination according to AARP. Why? Well it is pretty safe for one. And it is close to Mexico. And to even Belizeans that’s a huge plus. Even if you do not smuggle goods from SAM’s or the new Walmart superstore it is a still a gift to the weary. On one memorable occasion I went with a bunch of of locals over the border to Chetumal and learned a lot about Corozal life. We ate fajitas, drank Dos Equis, took in a show at the IMAX, filled up with Pemex, bought auto parts at NAPA , and hobbled over the border. Good times. God bless Mexico and Corozal.

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