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Living in Belize

The dog ate my homework


Ok the dog did not really eat my homework, that is an excuse for Dr Al as to why I did not finish my Corozal part 2 post yet because I know he is waiting for it ASAP :)  After a full day of rest yesterday, I was feeling a bit better and intending to finish it this morning, but I decided in the interest of recuperating from my head cold that I needed some private pool time instead. Normally I would not go swimming when sick bit it has been so hot the past few days and there is nothing like a good float relax and feel better.

Rushing off to a conservation meeting/brainstorming session up north and part 2 will have to wait till tomorrow.

belize animals

Sleeping dog


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  1. tacogirl August 19, 2013

    If it is he was hanging out in town that day Tracey.

  2. Tracey August 19, 2013

    That looks like Scruffy from Coco Locos.


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