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Darn Skeeters

Darn Skeeters have been really bad lately. Now matter how vigilant we are at keeping the screen door closed a couple always manage to get in. Their high pitched buzzing sound is right up there with leaf blowers jackhammers and vacuum cleaners for unpleasant noises.

Don’t forget the big South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch Poker Tournament and Spelling Bee is on at Pedro’s Pizza tomorrow night.

For all you tweeters out there please keep in mind that if you direct message someone with a question and you are not following them – they can not answer you back.

Mitch Cindy and Chris went out on Forrest’s Hobie Cat this aft – I was invited to go along with but still not feeling 100% so I passed and stayed home. Leaving you with a couple of Pictures by Forrest – I would love to be on that island right now.

Photo by Forrest Jones

View from Forrest's veranda by Forrest

11 thoughts on “Darn Skeeters

  1. Forrest says:

    Wow. I’m flattered that you found a use for those pictures, Laurie. I had a photo you took of La Colombelle (my Hobie) under a rainbow made into the note cards I use..

    The island is Rendezvous Caye; the big cat there is Sol Mate – used to be one of TMM’s.

    The other pic shows where I sleep and why I’m here.

    Jack – What can I say? The Palapa Bar just has this way of making me REAL thirsty for a Bellikin every time I try to sail past it. Somehow though, Cindy, Mitch, Chris and I made it all the way up to that dramatic pool at Belizean Shores; where I even managed to dock Colombelle without wiping out the pier.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Too funny Jack. I am sure Forrest wishes he had the big cat some days over the Hobie and who wouldn’t want a private island. This time they ventured past Palapa but forget how far.

  3. Jack says:

    When did Forrest get that big cat??…not to mention the private caye???…the only place we get to go is the Palapa Bar !!!….Oh Forrest, swayed by youh and beauty again, good on you mate !!

  4. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    We got more up here right now (hello?? October) and it is because of the temps and the humidity. Sadly we can’t get Melathalon man to come dance here like Maya celebrates.

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