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Poker Tournament & Spelling Bee

Heard some interesting news last night on Coast am radio. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered an enormous ring around Saturn. There is a good picture of it on Science Daily – they say it is the largest of the planet’s big rings and is made up of a thin array of ice and dust particles.

Another interesting news tidbit I heard recently on Coast To Coast with George Noorey was about honey bees disappearing because electro-magnetic waves given off by cell phone towers are crippling their navigational abilities. A recent study done in India reveals a sudden decrease in the bee population New Delhi is linked the installation a of a new series of cell phone towers. As the cell phone companies increased their networks the researches found that when a cell phone was kept near a beehive worker bees were unable to find their way home leaving the hives with only the with only the queens and the eggs. As a result affected bee col0ny collapses within 10 days.

Went to Dr Lerida this am to find out why I am still tired and dizzy. All she could say for sure was that my blood pressure is high and I need to do a fast Sunday night and come back for tests on Monday. Cost of visit was $60.50 bzd which included 2 packs of emergen-c.

Miss Dianne just called and made a request. For those of you coming down and want to help… Poly Clinic needs band-aids all shapes and sizes. They are using up gauze and tape as an alternative.

Lemon Crush Lara is on her way to pick us up for the poker tourney and spelling be. Since she lives in the area that they are fundraising for she wanted to get there early to help set up which works perfectly ad Paul has to register at 6:30 for poker.

We are live with a full house at Pedro’s – they are assigning poker players to their tables and seats. Forrest and Lara just registered for the spelling bee.

More to come…

Tacoboy here… it was an interesting night. Jamilla took the pot in the the 50/50 and Cindy won the spelling bee – not surprising if you know her well as she’s always correcting your pronunciation and also any writing stuff that comes by her!

I was a poker player in round 1 – on table 2 between a few regulars… there was some interesting action happening on our table. I’m glad to say that I contributed greatly to one of my favorite players, Kelsey from 3 Palms Properties – who was on deaths door before she knocked me out and took all of my money. She bounced back well after that, knocking out a bunch of players after me and has to be considered one of the favorites at this point.

Round 2 started just a little while ago after the sleeping giant at table 1, Forest, asserted himself and took quite a bit of chips from the hottest player going into the tourney. This player had a HUGE stack at one point on table 1, and has won something like 12 games/tourney’s in a row going into tonight… Forest took him down a peg or two with his calculated playing.

Check back for an update on the second round of play…

Paul got back at 2am and there were still 3 players going.

Cindy’s morning report on the finals … Dell won – Gary the bloke with the tattoo on his arm was second and James R came in 3rd.

First place prize $2000 cash plus 2 tickets on Maya Regional Air to Cancun – Guatemala City or San Pedro Sula.
Second place place prize $830 cash plus 2 round trip tickets on Tropic Air to anywhere in Belize.
Third place prize $370 plus 2 round trip Maya Air tickets to anywhere in Belize.
Fourth place won $100 bar tab.

9 thoughts on “Poker Tournament & Spelling Bee

  1. Cindy says:

    We are the champions, we are the champions, no time for losers, coz we are the champions, of the spelling bee……….can you smell it? The smell of VICTORY! Now watch me crush everyone at Scrabble….BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. tacogirl says:

    I agree Lara the spelling be was so much fun.

    Thanks for the correct amounts and Gary’s name JZB – great that the prizes were increased due to such a good turn out. You all did a great job.

  3. JZB says:

    There was such a great turn out that all the prize money was increased.

    First place won $2000 plus Maya Regional tickets
    Second place (Gary) won $830 plus Tropic tickets to Belize city
    Third place won $370 plus Maya Island tickets
    Fourth place won a $100 bar tab at Pedro’s.

    Great night! Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting SACNW!

  4. Lara says:

    It was such a fun night! I had no idea a spelling bee would be so much fun 🙂

    the SACNW team did an amazing job and we raised a good deal of money for a great cause….

    safety has no price tag!

    thanks to all for coming out and supporting us!!!!

  5. Herb says:

    Hey Tacogirl, I’m spending xmas with Melany and her family so I’ll see you & Paul in December.
    Take care.

  6. tacogirl says:

    Jason when Paul got home at 2am there were 3 players left and he said everyone was growing tired of waiting it out. Will post winner when Cindy wakes up.

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