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Advanced Preparation

Something to consider when moving to an island like Ambergris Caye is the limited shopping. For me eBay has been one of the ways way to fill that gap. Many people ship internationally you just have to know what you are willing to pay for shipping and plan in advance so you have enough time to get you item by the time you need it.

Today I was getting ready for the annual pimpNho Halloween party at Pedro’s with some wig shopping on eBay. I got lucky and found one for Paul in the states so I know it will be here sooner than later. Mine however is cutting it close as it is coming from China. I wrote them and asked if they could send it asap as I wanted it before Halloween – they wrote back quickly and said 15 – 20 days. Everyone please cross your fingers that it arrives early.

I once bought a crank flashlight from Hong Kong – after I paid for it the company wrote me and said that they were sending the flashlight to Honduras. I had to laugh at that and wonder how old their atlas is because the official name was changed from British Honduras to Belize in June 1973 and full independence was granted on September 21, 1981. Of course I wrote them back promptly and said if they do that I will never see my flashlight and that the address I had given them was indeed the correct one.

Basil has had enough reading Basil sneaking a nap on Paul's pillow

8 thoughts on “Advanced Preparation

  1. tacogirl says:

    I do not have an official answer on that Remo.

    I would assume that once the water taxi service gets up and running that there will be customs to deal with and that they would treat you same as when you go through on land. Usually when returning from Mexico I have things like a laundry rack – standing fan or olive oil that it is clear I would not have brought on my vacation so I declare. Never been hit bad with duty yet in declaring personal use items.

  2. Remo says:

    I have a question for you.

    What if you take a boat (friend’s boat) and go to Chetumal and stock up on items you can’t find in Belize. On your arrival back in San Pedro would customs check the boat?

    Or maybe you could just drop it off at a remote location and avoid a customs check?

    I am just thinking off the top of my head here about ways to bring back cheap hard to find items from Chetumal or Mexico in general.

    I mean its only for personal use and not items for your own personal gains or profit (contraband).


  3. tacogirl says:

    Hi Remo

    That is a funny story.

    I have heard of the site but never tried it. That would be a good question for one of the message boards as I am sure you would find someone who has used it before.

    Where I miss one stop shopping the most is at the grocery store.

  4. Remo says:

    Reminds me of a rather funny story. My first year at University in Canada I would love to explain about Belize and its past history. I would also say formerly known as British Honduras and for some reason a LARGE percentage of people would remember Honduras rather than Belize. I was known as the kid from Honduras (oh man!!!). Took me awhile to live that down…lol!!

    Tacogirl have you heard of this —–>

    I am thinking about signing up but I rather speak to someone who uses the service for the REAL low down and hidden costs if any?

    I bet you miss one stop shopping eh taco:D


  5. Ruthie says:

    I love John Sandford’s books. Did you know he is from Minnesota? He lived a couple doors down from my mom.

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